Temple – dream interpretation

How to interpret the dream of a temple? When interpreting a dream, it is not just the dream symbol itself that is of interest. It is certainly the focus of the dream and has a central meaning. However, for a detailed dream interpretation, the dream context should always be taken into account:

Was the temple perhaps the setting for the dream plot? What happened to the sanctuary? Was it being built in the dream or was it perhaps even collapsing? What did the temple look like – old and dilapidated or new and in full splendour? All of these questions can play an important role in interpreting the dream symbol. Therefore, think again about your dream and remember as many details as possible.

In the dream world there are some situations in which a temple appears particularly often. So that you can interpret your temple dream, we have compiled the most common dreams about the symbol in the following sections:

Dream symbol “temple” – The most common dreams about the symbol

Dreamed of visiting the temple? Here is the interpretation!

If the dreamer visits a temple while sleeping, this indicates that he is probably currently dealing intensively with his body and soul. Depending on the specific dream event, the dream can indicate certain difficulties and problems, but also positive things regarding the body and mind. If incense sticks are lit during a visit to the temple, this can be seen as a positive sign for the waking world.

The temple steps appear in the dream

If you see the steps of a temple in your dreams, this generally represents the possibility of achieving balance and well-being. If you climb the stairs, there may be a desire to reach a higher material or spiritual level. Descending the steps represents satisfaction and down-to-earthness.

Which temple was seen in the dream?

Shiva temple – dreams of an important Hindu god

In the dream world, a Shiva temple refers to an inner conflict that takes place between the body and soul of the dreamer. There may be a change coming that has not yet been fully accepted. In general, a Hindu temple or a Hindu temple can symbolically represent an expansion of one’s own horizons.

A Buddhist temple: why do I dream about it?

Anyone who encounters a temple in which Buddha is worshiped in a dream may be worried that a certain person in the real world could endanger the good work that one has created. This can even go so far that the person concerned feels restricted in their actions.

If you dream about the Egyptian temple. Greetings from Pharaoh!

Have you seen an Egyptian temple in the dream world in the land of pyramids and pharaohs? If so, this symbolizes previously unknown parts of their personality that they are likely to treat with great respect. Listen deep within yourself: Does your inner self perhaps harbor dark or even magical aspects?

The golden temple in the dream world

According to general dream interpretation, the dream of a golden temple can be interpreted as very positive. There is a high probability that the dreamer has a variety of good qualities that will give him a happy and balanced life. But he also knows how to share this with other people.

Snake Temple – a mysterious dream place

Dreams about a snake temple can have a variety of different meanings, each of which is based on the dream event and the specific life situation of the person concerned. The possible interpretations range from a threat to the joy of life through instinctual behavior to the discovery of certain sexual inclinations in the subconscious.

Dreaming of an ancient temple

If an old temple appears in our dreams, it can symbolize that unusual events from the past can be useful to us today. When we recall these experiences, we can derive unexpected lessons from them for life today.

Was the temple broken in the dream?

Since the dream temple is a symbol of the sleeper’s body, he should pay more attention to his own health after a dream about a broken temple. The broken temple tells the dreamer, among other things, that his body currently needs a special level of attention.

Dream symbol “temple” – the general interpretation

Within the general interpretation of dreams, the dream symbol “temple” is a symbol of the body of the dreamer. He should treat him with reverence and take careful care of him. In addition, the temple as a dream symbol illustrates the residence of the spirit and soul of the dreamer, which is in a state of Harmony condition. This inner balance makes it possible for dreamers to lead a fulfilled and contented life in the waking world.

The sight of a temple in a dream also shows the dreamer that his good works are recognized in the waking world. In addition, the dream symbol here is also a sign for enjoyment of life. If the dreamer sees a foreign temple in the dream, according to the general dream interpretation, he will have interesting or strange experiences in the near future. These will expand the dreamer’s spiritual horizons and be useful to him in the future.

Dream symbol “temple” – the psychological interpretation

On the psychological level of dream interpretation, the temple as a dream symbol illustrates a combination of Respect and ingenuity. The dreamer already has these two characteristics and should become aware of them through his dream. Because if he uses both accordingly in his life, he will complete his personality and thereby create a great whole.

The temple in the dream can also represent a psychological or emotional retreat. The dreamer probably needs this in waking life when he comes back after a difficult phase in life inner balance want to find.

Another interpretation of psychological dream interpretation says that the dream symbol “temple” refers to unusual things events in the life of the dreamer. However, these will not harm the dreamer, but rather be useful for him. Afterwards he will definitely be able to return to normality again.

Dream symbol “temple” – the spiritual interpretation

On the spiritual level of dream interpretation, a temple in a dream is a symbol of the beauty of the sky. For it represents both a holy place for man and an abode of the divine.

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