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The characters in science fiction films or fantasy novels often have the ability to get from one place to another without moving there. They simply disappear in one place and reappear in another. The individual molecules are transferred from one location to any other location; energy and matter are “only” required for the process. This process is called “teleporting” or “beaming” in English.

Teleportation is known, for example, through wizards such as in the Harry Potter books and films. In stories of witchcraft and other occult powers, the contactless movement of an object or person is a natural part of it. Comic book superheroes are sometimes capable of teleportation thanks to their superpowers. Beaming is also a common means of transport in television series such as Star Trek to cover a large distance in a short time. Here the astronauts and aliens are teleported from one spaceship to the next. This is how people of the future will travel – at least in the imagination of many authors and directors.

Although there is also a theory in science that deals with the subject of the movement of particles through energy, in practice teleportation is a magical force that does not yet work like it does in science fiction films. But who knows …

If someone dreams that they can teleport or “beam” themselves or that others do this, this is certainly an exciting experience. Maybe he saw a movie the day before in which the actors had this special ability. In order to get an accurate dream interpretation, you should pay attention to who has the power of teleportation in the dream.

Dream symbol “teleport” – the general interpretation

If people or objects suddenly disappear and dissolve in a dream, according to the understanding of dream interpretation, the dream symbol “teleport” expresses that the dreamer has certain intentions or hopes have to give up. Perhaps they cannot be realized due to current living conditions.

However, according to the general interpretation of dreams, the dream image can also indicate areas that the sleeping person has not yet been exposed to enough Attention has given. Because they appear in a different place as if out of nowhere, you become aware of them. The dream symbol “teleport” illustrates the feeling of not having spent enough time with certain people. It can also represent missed opportunities.

Teleportation announces one in general dream analysis change which often refers to old acquaintances or romantic relationships. The dream encourages the sleeper to renew contact. If the dreamer himself has this power, in reality everything may be particularly easy for him at the moment; This dream interpretation is particularly true if a bright glow can be observed during the beam process in the dream.

In traditional dream interpretation, the ability to teleport yourself or objects is a sign of a strong perception of your own, perhaps previously unused ones Possibilities.

The dream symbol of teleportation symbolizes this Willpower of the dreamer. He recognizes his own desires and needs and is able to satisfy them. In addition, the dream expresses a strong imagination, which can also be helpful in real life.

Dream symbol “teleport” – the psychological interpretation

If someone is able to teleport themselves from one place to another in a dream, it indicates a pronounced self-consciousness there. According to the psychological interpretation of dreams, the dreamer sees himself as an extraordinary personality with very special abilities. In his self-perception, the sleeper is someone who knows how to help himself in every situation and who finds a solution to all problems. The power of teleportation is often used in nightmares as a last resort for rescue.

On the other hand, according to dream analysis, the disappearance of the dreamer himself can also indicate stressful feelings: he may feel less valuable than other people. The dream symbol “teleport” expresses fear of others not noticed and being ignored as a personality.

If another person beams the dreamer, possibly against his will, the dream image shows, according to the understanding of the dream interpretation, repressed fears and unconscious mental difficulties. The dreaming person sees their own situation pessimistically and has a negative attitude. However, someone else can apparently only harm or influence her in the dream if he uses supernatural powers. The dream symbol “teleport” speaks overall for this inner strength of the sleeping person.

Dream symbol “teleport” – the spiritual interpretation

In the sense of spiritual dream interpretation, the dream symbol “teleport” is a symbol for the magical abilities of the human spirit. The dreamer has greater spiritual energies than he realizes.

Disappearing from one place and experiencing teleportation while sleeping can also trigger the longing for spiritual freedom to express.

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