Taxi – dream interpretation

A taxi is a rental car with a chauffeur. The taxi driver takes the passenger to a desired location for a fee. The device that determines the applicable fees is called a taximeter – hence the taxi’s name. Originally the carriages were called rental cabs or cabs: initially they were horses that pulled and steered the carriage via a drawbar and transported the passengers in the carriage, later they were carriage-like carriages that were, however, powered by an engine. The driver of such a “power cab” was still sitting on a box.

Taxis are still called that in Berlin today. The stopping places for these mostly comfortable vehicles are located where most people need a taxi because they don’t have their own car: at the train station or the airport, but also in busy tourist cities. Many people like to take a taxi, especially at night and on weekends, to be taken comfortably and safely to their front door.

If you dream of a taxi, you may urgently need to go to a certain place but do not have your own vehicle. It is possible that the focus in the dream is also on comfort and the dreamer enjoys being chauffeured around. What exactly happens to the taxi? Do you get in or do you see yourself sitting in it? In dream interpretation, it’s the details that matter.

Dream symbol “taxi” – the general interpretation

The dream symbol “taxi” indicates that it is time for the dreamer to move forward in a certain respect Progress close. In dream interpretation, the taxi also indicates that you need help to reach your destination. However, success could come at too high a price: If the fare you pay in the dream is very high, in real life someone may actually try to take advantage of the dreamer’s situation.

The dream symbol can then be understood as a reminder to be very careful and attentive, especially with regard to business ventures. Buying a taxi in a dream, however, promises success in dream interpretation.

What exactly happens with the taxi in the dream is also informative in dream interpretation. If the dream is chauffeured by a driver, the dream symbol is an indication modest prosperity or that you will be lucky somewhere else.

A night ride in a taxi with other people symbolizes in the dream interpretation that the dreamer is Secret doesn’t want to share with his friends. If you dream that you are the driver of a taxi, the dream symbol represents the futile effort to improve yourself professionally.

Dream symbol “taxi” – the psychological interpretation

From a psychological point of view, the dream symbol “taxi” is a symbol of the dreamer’s desire to get ahead and for that Strive according to higher values. However, the dreamer obviously cannot travel this path independently, but needs help.

In dream interpretation, the taxi is a sign of Trust. The dreamer relies on the person driving the car knowing the right path and taking him to the desired destination.

In addition, the driver is usually a stranger, which requires the dreamer to have solid basic trust in his fellow human beings. Whether the subconscious signals to him in the dream that he is too suspicious or too trusting depends on the personality of the dreamer.

Dream symbol “taxi” – the spiritual interpretation

In the transcendent realm, the taxi is a dream symbol for spiritual knowledge in dream interpretation. Attached to practical knowledge it shows the dreaming the direction and motivates him to continue on his path.

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