Tarot – dream interpretation

The tarot cards are a special deck of cards that are not used for card games, but for fortune telling and card reading. The Tarot cards are designed with images and symbols that already provide an indication of their interpretation.

Tarot cards are available in different versions and different types of designs. Some of them have motifs from ancient Egypt, others are more medieval in design. Which deck of cards is used usually depends on the person working with them. Similar to a fortune teller, people with this ability read the future, but also the past and present, from the card picture they have placed.

Every card reader has precise preferences for a particular deck of cards. If you have a problem and are looking for a solution or would like to know what the future holds, then you can have the cards laid out for you. As a dream symbol, Tarot is also associated with the search for answers and questions about the future.

Dream symbol “Tarot” – the general interpretation

Is the dreamer looking for someone in his waking life? Truth and solutions to problems or does he have questions for his Future, then the dream symbol Tarot can appear to him. It can be individual motifs that are on the tarot cards, but a complete deck of cards can also appear as a dream image. However, it is often certain cards or motifs that appear as dream symbols. This particularly affects the most famous cards in the Tarot, which also include the card Death.

If a certain motif appears from a tarot card, then the interpretation of this dream symbol should be based on the card. Mostly they are specific ones Crises in Life, which are represented by this dream symbol. If the dreamer is looking for answers and needs clarification on problems, he asks the tarot cards for advice while sleeping.

According to modern dream research, the dream symbol “Tarot” appears rather rarely. If the dreamer is already dealing with these cards in his waking life or has the cards laid out to him more often, then it can appear more often as a dream symbol. When this symbol appears, it must always be taken very seriously and interpreted carefully.

Dream symbol “Tarot” – the psychological interpretation

In psychological interpretation, the dream symbol Tarot indicates that the dreamer is dealing with the secrets deals with within himself. In his sleep he searches for answers to the puzzles that lie within him and tries to gain access to the dark areas of his subconscious through the tarot cards.

Dream symbol “Tarot” – the spiritual interpretation

In spiritual interpretation, the cards of the Tarot are a reflection of the inner Truth of the dreamer. If this dream symbol appears, the dreamer goes in search of this inner truth.

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