Tar – dream interpretation

Tar is a black, viscous mass and was historically used to build roads. Even though we still use the word “tar” in this context, in today’s reality only so-called bitumen is used for road construction in Germany.

In the past, as now, tar can continue to play an important role in another context: in dream interpretation. It happens occasionally that we dream of walking on a road made of fresh tar. You might even get your feet stuck to it.

Dreams in which you find yourself on a beach polluted with pieces of tar are also quite common. Such dreams always have a special significance.

Dream symbol “tar” – the general interpretation

As a dream symbol, tar often has a warning function. It is intended to make those affected aware that not everyone in their social and professional environment shows their true intentions openly. The dreamer threatens into a trap to get caught and be deceived.

If he is stuck on a freshly tarred road in a dream, the machinations of hostile fellow human beings will severely restrict him. He cannot develop completely freely and is held back in his personal development. As a result, goals can no longer be achieved and successes do not materialize. It is important to behave particularly carefully in the near future and to reflect on the situations thoroughly.

If you dream of being dirty with tar, this should also be an indication of possible things to come Diseases and mental Sorrow understand.

If there are pieces of tar on an otherwise white sandy beach in the dream, the symbol also refers to a relationship that negatively influences the person concerned and confuses their emotional world. Although the dreamer has already recognized this problem, he is unable to detach himself from the other person.

The dream symbol is only interpreted more positively in cases in which the person concerned sees a whole barrel of tar. The dream then announces itself soon trip an.

Dream symbol “tar” – the psychological interpretation

According to the psychological view, tar basically symbolizes the dark sides one’s own personality. The subconscious asks the dreamer to get to know them better and to find out how they can deal with them in everyday life.

According to the psychological interpretation approach, sticking to a road made of tar can also represent an aspect of life that affects the person affected on their way and in their life Development disabled. But if he repairs a broken road with tar in a dream, he has already found a solution to the problem and will soon be able to successfully continue his life.

Dream symbol “tar” – the spiritual interpretation

In spiritual dream interpretation, tar is a symbol for everything Negative. The reason for this assumption lies in the nature and color of the tar.

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