Tapir – dream interpretation

If you were to describe a tapir, you could say it looks like a pig with high legs and where the pig has a socket-like nose, the tapir has a trunk. In fact, a tapir has nothing at all to do with a pig, because its closest relatives are the horse, the rhinoceros and rhinoceros.

Tapirs live in Central and South America and Asia. They are herbivorous solitary animals that only come together with an opposite-sex animal during the mating season. A tapir is nocturnal. This means that during the day it retreats into the undergrowth and only comes out again at dusk to look for food. Fossil remains from precursors of the tapir family are said to be over 30 million years old. The tapir therefore belongs to a very old animal genus in terms of phylogenetic history.

If a tapir appears to us in a dream, this can happen for various reasons. The following article attempts to shed light on such a dream.

Dream symbol “tapir” – the general interpretation

A striking aspect of the tapir is its trunk, which is why the animal is also given one in dream interpretation sexual meaning because the trunk is seen here as a phallic symbol. The tapir can therefore point to the primal instincts in general and, in particular, represent the sexual desires of the dreamer.

But a tapir also shows the dreaming person’s penchant for Extraordinary. The person affected is not a person who likes to go with the flow and adapt to the opinion of the general public. Individuality is a must for him.

Dream symbol “tapir” – the psychological interpretation

The tapir is a rather clumsy-looking animal, but quite quick to react. Applied to the dreamer’s waking life, this can mean that he is often completely misjudged by his environment and often underestimated. If the person affected is aware of this external effect, he knows how to use it very specifically and use it to his advantage.

A tapir who is on the run in a dream refers to sexual fears and is used in psychological dream interpretation as an indication of a big one Need for protection understood by the dreamer.

The solitary nature of the tapir can also indicate similar traits in the dreaming person. She may also prefer solitude and quickly feel uncomfortable or overwhelmed around people. Opportunities for retreat are very important to her and things should never be too tight for the dreamer in the area of ​​partnership.

Dream symbol “tapir” – the spiritual interpretation

If you look at the dream symbol “tapir” from a spiritual perspective, it embodies it Restraint and wants to encourage the dreamer to act carefully.

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