Tail – dream interpretation

The tail is found primarily in the animal kingdom, as this term forms the general category for the various rear parts of animals, such as tail, rump or tail. But tails can also be found in humans – although the colloquial term for the male genitals, the penis or the member, should be given less thought:

In rare cases, a kind of tail or handle forms on the buttocks of humans, with the rear end of the body lengthening and protruding beyond the buttocks. These tailbones on the coccyx usually consist of fatty tissue, collagen and muscle fibers and can be traced back to incomplete regression during pregnancy.

In animals, tails have the function of driving away insects, controlling flight or jump, better camouflage the animal or indicating the current emotional state and mood. Think of the dog wagging its tail happily.

A tail can also be used for defense, for example in the case of a scorpion. Lizards and iguanas can even throw off their tail when attacked by an enemy – the rest of the animal flees while the enemy attacks the tail, which wiggles independently for a few minutes. The skunk raises its bushy tail in warning; If the opponent doesn’t react, the animal squirts a foul-smelling secretion from its anal glands, which sends the opponent fleeing.

The interpretation of the dream symbol “tail” depends on its animal owner. So read about interesting dream examples here:

Dream symbol “tail” – The most common dreams about the symbol

Cutting off a cat’s tail in a dream: how can you?

Anyone who cuts off a cat’s tail in a dream or becomes a silent observer of this cruelty should not be too frightened of themselves. In most cases, when you dream of an injured cat in your waking life, you are very self-controlled and disciplined. Through the bad dream fantasies, the subconscious tries to break out of the ordered structures.

Animal tails as interesting dream symbols

The huge tail fin of a whale in a dream

A whale’s tail fin represents dangerous pride and egoism. If this body part is the focus of the dream experience, you should be cautious about your own successes in the future. In the long term, modesty often leads to more respect and recognition.

A lizard’s tail appears in the dream world

In many cases, tails of lizards such as the salamander are crushed by the dreamer or thrown off the animal. Just as a lizard can hardly get along without a tail, humans are also severely limited if they don’t have an arm or leg. In dream interpretation, the lizard’s tail is a sign of fear of vulnerability and helplessness.

A ponytail in a dream. What the tail means

When it comes to dream interpretation, it makes no difference whether you dream of a human ponytail or the tail of a horse. These dream experiences are an indication of a protracted argument in the dreamer’s life. There are often disputes in the neighborhood.

The fish and its tail in the dream: pointing the way!

The tail fin of a fish has a special place in dream interpretation and indicates promising changes in the near future. Just as the tail fin determines the swimming direction of a fish, the dreamer can actively shape the positive turns in waking life. Decisions should be carefully considered and your gut feeling should also be taken into account!

Dream symbol “tail” – the general interpretation

Generally speaking, the dream of a tail primarily refers to a remnant of your own Past. The dreamer has not yet understood or processed this. That’s why he still carries this residue with him. If the dreamer sees himself with a tail in the dream, he is also asked to finally take care of this matter in the waking world and leave it behind him.

The dream symbol “cock” as a penis can also be a sign of sexual excitement and the instinctual life of the dreamer. This dream symbol also shows creative power and Endurance.

According to general dream interpretation, an animal tail as a dream symbol means soon Trouble. The sight of a pig’s typical curly tail in a dream shows the dreamer that he likes to joke with another person in the waking world.

An animal with a long tail in a dream, such as a tail, brings seemingly endless Quarrels in a particular matter. If the dreamer touches an animal’s tail in his dream, he wants to solve something in waking life from the wrong end. A wagging tail in a dream is understood as a symbol of luck and a symbol of joy.

Anyone who cuts off a tail in a dream will plunge into misfortune due to their own carelessness. If the dreamer grows an animal tail in a dream, like a rod or a tail, strange circumstances will surprise him in the waking world.

If the dreamer perceives his dream cock as a deformity, it should be in waking life self-esteem check. He may feel “crippled” on a mental level.

Dream symbol “tail” – the psychological interpretation

On the psychological level of dream interpretation, the tail represents a dream symbol Regulatory means in difficult situations. The dreamer should become aware that in the waking world he has the ability to intervene in a calming manner in certain matters.

If the dreamer has a tail on his rump – meaning the backside – in the dream, it should be shown to him that he is in a mental imbalance. However, he has so far denied or ignored this condition. Now the reasons for his dream are coming together inner disharmony into his consciousness. The dreamer should therefore face his fears and process them. Therapeutic help may also be necessary for this.

Dream symbol “tail” – the spiritual interpretation

The spiritual dream interpretation interprets the dream symbol “tail” as an indication to the dreamer that he has a spiritual act has completed.

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