Tablets – dream interpretation

Headaches, allergies or digestive problems – there is now a medication available for almost every ailment. Especially when it comes to minor, everyday ailments, many people turn to tablets to quickly get the condition under control. Thanks to modern research in the laboratory, many diseases can now be alleviated that were previously considered a death sentence, such as HIV or smallpox. Tablets have a life-extending effect. Mental illnesses such as depression are also often treated with medication.

A great deal of trust in the treating doctor in the practice or hospital is necessary in order to feel safe and well cared for with the prescribed tablets. On the other hand, some people take more pills than is good for them and take headache pills or nutritional supplements at every opportunity when perhaps some rest or a change in diet would be more appropriate. Tablets can support us in everyday life, but they can also lead us to be careless.

What significance do medications have in dream interpretation?

Dream symbol “tablets” – the general interpretation

If tablets appear in a dream, they can be used for real life illness or physical discomfort. More often, however, they indicate that the dreamer is dealing with his health or a psychological problem Leiden has. The soul is sick somewhere and he realizes that he has to do something to cure himself.

Carrying tablets with you can be for proactive action stand, the dreamer goes through life with caution. When he gives other people a pill, he notices their needs, he sees that they are currently suffering from a deficiency and tries to support them.

On the other hand, others can also find the bitter-tasting tablets unpleasant, in which case the dream symbol means that the dreamer is being treated by others unfriendly perceived and thus met with criticism.

Tablets as a dream symbol can also represent the proverbial “bitter pill” and unpleasant events or symbolize insights. Maybe the dreamer also has one Mistake made that he should now see. Although he won’t always be able to correct it, he can avoid it next time if he becomes aware of it now.

Dream symbol “tablets” – the psychological interpretation

The tablet in the dream symbolizes this Trustwhich is necessary to accept a medication from someone and believe in its effectiveness.

If you take pills in a dream, perhaps in dissolved form, it can therefore be an indication that you are entrusting your life or something that is very important to you to another person. When you give someone pills, it represents the big one in reverse Responsibilitythat you feel for someone.

If the tablet tastes very unpleasant or is difficult to swallow, it means it is painful Understanding or an unpleasant experience that will initially make you suffer, but will ultimately help you move forward and emerge stronger.

Dream symbol “tablets” – the spiritual interpretation

Spiritually, tablets represent To know or one Expansion of consciousnesswhich is given to the dreamer.

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