T-Rex – dream interpretation

There were many impressive species among dinosaurs. A very special representative was the Tyrannosaurus Rex, known as T-Rex for short. He had an imposing size, two strong hind legs on which he could run quickly and a powerful set of teeth. He used his strong, heavy tail to balance and balance the massive head.

The T-Rex is considered one of the most aggressive carnivores among dinosaurs and is probably the best-known dinosaur species today. This “King of the Dinosaurs” is immortalized in many books and films, where he still frightens readers and viewers.

This prehistoric animal also comes back to life in some dreams and causes a rather restless sleep. – Or maybe your T-Rex from the dream world was well-behaved and even allowed itself to be petted without any problem?

By the way: If you saw a T-Rex with spikes on its back in your dream, it could also have been the Japanese figure Godzilla. Visit our article to get the more accurate dream interpretation.

Dream symbol “T-Rex” – the general interpretation

If dinosaurs like the T-Rex appear in your dream, you have traveled far back in time. Most of the time the dreamer also travels into his own Past.

Of the dinosaurs known today, the T-Rex particularly appears to be a dangerous monster that can cause fear and panic in people. If the dreamer encounters a Tyrannosaurus Rex in his sleep, then he may have to deal with a real fright in the waking world.

The dinosaur was a good and fast hunter. Anyone who encountered him and was pursued by him usually found it pointless to escape and a fight against the T-Rex was hopeless anyway. In order to correctly interpret these feelings, the dreamer should think carefully about whether it was the T-Rex’s physical size or its strength that frightened him while he slept. The attack of such a prehistoric lizard usually symbolizes an emerging difficulty in the dreamer’s life; Anyone who can fend off the attack or escape in the dream will quickly solve the real problem.

Die threat and danger, which is symbolized by the T-Rex in the dream world, is also felt by the dreamer in the waking world. Dream research must analyze exactly what it is. A circumstance threatens the dreamer’s existence in waking life. He feels powerless and small because he is faced with an overwhelming opponent.

Dream symbol “T-Rex” – the psychological interpretation

People have always been fascinated by dinosaurs and monsters, but also frightened as possible threats. Dreamers often experience exactly these feelings when they encounter a T-Rex in their sleep. The psychological dream interpretation therefore interprets this dream image as original part the personality of the dreamer, as the core of his character: For example, if the dinosaur in the dream is snappy, similar critical personality traits lie deep inside the sleeper.

Since the dinosaurs have been extinct for a long time and can now only be encountered in the form of fossils, the interpretation suggests itself that they are also a “fossilized part” of the personality, i.e. a forgotten or repressed part. The dreamer makes contact with this area of ​​the ego again through the T-Rex.

Dream symbol “T-Rex” – the spiritual interpretation

In spiritual dream interpretation, symbols such as the dinosaurs or the T-Rex are references to the chaotic Past interpreted by a human being.

In the spiritual development, the dreamer should understand that he will still have reference to the past later Influence can take.

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