Swordfish – dream interpretation

The swordfish is a predatory fish that usually reaches a length of one to two meters. Its most striking – and eponymous – feature is its long, spear-like snout. The so-called rostrum can make up up to a third of the heavy fish’s body length.

It prefers to live in warmer waters, but the swordfish is very adaptable and can therefore also stay in deeper, colder waters, for example to hunt. The animals avoid coastal regions. It is therefore unlikely that you will suddenly be surprised by an adult swordfish while swimming in the sea.

But even though we are more familiar with swordfish from menus in good seafood restaurants than we have ever seen one in the wild, this is exactly what can still happen in our dreams. If we encounter a swordfish on this level, it can say a lot about us as a dream symbol.

Swordfish - dream interpretation

The exact meaning always depends on the specific circumstances in the dream situation.

Dream symbol “swordfish” – the general interpretation

As a rule, the swordfish is considered a positive symbol. The general dream interpretation assumes that seeing the predatory fish above all Healthbut also satisfaction and successes promises.

In addition, the dream image “swordfish” is a symbol for Hope and thus for a life-affirming attitude. But this does not only apply to dreams in which a swordfish is seen. Dream situations in which the sleeper catches or eats a swordfish also herald luck and success. In these cases, the dream symbol refers in particular to the professional area of ​​life: the dreamer is able to achieve his goals here. This will also help him improve his financial situation. Great wealth will not be long in coming.

According to general dream analysis, dreams in which seeing the swordfish trigger fear in the sleeper are less promising. He may even be chased, threatened or attacked by the predatory fish in the dream situation.

Dream interpretation interprets such nocturnal dream experiences as a warning. In the near future, the affected person could face serious problems Issues be confronted. This often also applies to interpersonal areas. There are people who want to make life difficult for the dreamer. The opponents are difficult for him to assess.

Dream symbol “swordfish” – the psychological interpretation

According to the psychological approach to dream interpretation, a swordfish in a dream symbolizes something difficult to control feelings. The dreamer has moved these into his subconscious in the past. Now it’s time to face the repressed emotions, as much as they may frighten the sleeper. Only if he engages in confrontation with these parts of himself can he ultimately avoid a complete loss of control.

Some psychoanalysts see the dream symbol “swordfish” beyond this sexual symbol. The animal then stands for male, sexual potency and also for masculine characteristics such as aggressiveness, ruthlessness and the pursuit of strength and power.

The psychological interpretation of dreams then sees the image of the swordfish as a request to be more responsive to other people, especially to possible sexual partners. Although the dreamer may be mentally and/or physically superior, it is important to act more considerately. According to dream analysis, this interpretation can also apply if you are a swordfish yourself in the dream situation.

Dream symbol “swordfish” – the spiritual interpretation

The spiritual interpretation of dreams assumes that the dream symbol “swordfish”. fears refers. The sleeper has to face these on his own.

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