Swimming pool – dream interpretation

A visit to the swimming pool is a normal leisure activity for most people these days. In larger cities you often have the choice between indoor and outdoor pools, leisure pools with a water slide, a diving board or even a diving tower with several boards and heights, or you can visit a thermal spa.

For some, a swimming pool is a place of relaxation for adults and carefree splashing around for children. Others focus on sport ad take part in club swimming, play water polo, do aqua fitness or diving. The offerings for visitors of all ages in the bathroom are very diverse. As part of school sports, students regularly go to a swimming pool to learn basic techniques such as breaststroke and front crawl.

Swimming pool - dream interpretation

If you dream of a swimming pool or a swimming pool, you may be looking forward to relaxing vacation days in the outdoor pool or to a few refreshing swims after a strenuous day at work.

Then wrap yourself in a warm towel or bathrobe and enjoy the relaxation after physical exertion. The dreamer may also have had bad experiences with the element of water and a swimming pool triggers fear and anxiety.

In dream interpretation, the dream symbol is therefore closely linked to feelings.

If you would like to find out more about the swimming pool as a dream symbol, then you can find out all about it in the following text. Let’s start with the dreams that appear particularly often with the image “swimming pool”:

Dream symbol “swimming pool” – The most common dreams about the symbol

Interpreting dreams: experiencing activities in the swimming pool

Yay, let’s get going! A slide in the dream swimming pool

You can find it in large aqua parks and swimming pools: the water slide. But it can also appear in dreams and bring us joy or fear of speed. Anyone who sees such a slide in a dream could run the risk of being envious. Anyone who is successful, for example at work, can have problems with such people.

Swimming in the swimming pool – an ordinary dream? No!

If you dream of swimming in the swimming pool and doing a few laps, according to general dream interpretation, you feel comfortable with yourself. Life and your inner well-being are currently in balance. A cleaning process also goes hand in hand with this dream image.

Brave ones dream ahead: On the diving board in the swimming pool

According to dream analysis, jumping off a diving board in the swimming pool shows that the dreamer can overcome his insecurities. He is now finally relying on his strengths and breaking new ground. Just have the courage to take the plunge!

What did the swimming pool water look like in the dream?

Dreaming of a huge swimming pool

A large swimming pool with deep water symbolizes a change in the dreamer’s life, which he faces without fear. The sleeper is hopeful that change will bring good things. You are aware of your abilities and talents and are likely to be successful.

Bah! Experience dirty water in your dream swimming pool

If the dreamed swimming pool water is cloudy, stinks and does not invite you to swim, then the brown broth symbolizes problems that are occurring or can be found in the dreamer’s emotional world. It is possible that the sleeper is struggling with emotions that are very distressing while awake. Maybe there is a discussion with your partner coming up or the person concerned is annoyed by an argument with a parent.

No one there? A completely empty swimming pool – a dream analysis

An empty swimming pool is a rare sight in reality. However, the dream symbol occurs quite frequently in our dreams; Even a swimming pool without any water appears regularly. Anyone who experiences such dream images has the gift of being very self-confident and in control of their feelings. The dreamer is mentally very strong and is envied by those around him.

The swimming pool in the dream is flooded!

The flood in the swimming pool symbolizes a mental imbalance. The sleeper who experiences the flooded swimming pool in a dream is currently struggling with feelings that are beyond his or her control. Here it is important to regain the upper hand and stay calm.

Accidents that happen in the swimming pool – the interpretation of dreams

A terrible nightmare: drowning in the swimming pool

From a psychological point of view, the dream symbol “drinking in the swimming pool” indicates that the dreamer is currently carrying feelings that threaten to overwhelm him. These are very intense emotions such as love, anger or even hate. Anyone who drowns in water is advised to deal with these feelings specifically in order to be able to control them. Falling into the swimming pool without directly drowning, on the other hand, is just a warning from the subconscious to beware of excessive emotional outbursts.

Where is the child? Dream about child missing in swimming pool

If your own child or someone else’s child is lost in the swimming pool, the excitement is usually great even in the dream and can be felt by the dreamer. Behind this dream image there is usually a real concern for the offspring. In principle, this does not have to concern your own child; The dream symbol can also mean a person for whom one feels responsible. The fear of not being enough can be behind it.

Well so what! Dream about animals appearing in swimming water

Help, a shark appears in the swimming pool – a horror dream!

A shark in the swimming pool, where can you find something like that? Everything is possible in a dream. In general dream analysis, the shark symbolizes problems, illnesses or people who are hostile to you. If a shark appears in the public bath, the dreamer should ask himself what feelings are currently troubling him.

If a fish gets lost in the swimming pool in a dream

If a fish, no matter what kind, suddenly swims in a swimming pool in the dream experience, then this animal symbolizes the dreamer’s self. Both the subconscious and the subconscious show themselves in this way: In this dream moment, the sleeper has access to the unconscious and can try to fathom it. However, this requires some practice and is part of so-called lucid dreaming.

A snake makes the swimming pool unsafe in a dream

What does a snake do in the swimming pool? The animal crawled on the tiles or swam through the water in the dream. Sometimes you can see the snake under the ceiling if it is an indoor swimming pool.

Since the snake traditionally has a sexual interpretation, the animal in the swimming pool symbolizes the drives and passions that are consciously controlled by the dreamer in waking life.

Dream symbol “swimming pool” – the general interpretation

Water is the element that embodies emotions. Locked in a bathing establishment expresses the dream interpretation controlled handling with your own feelings. The dream symbol tells the dreamer that he either regulates his feelings very strongly or that he should do this more and give them less freedom.

The personality of the dreamer is crucial for the dream interpretation of the dream symbol “swimming pool”. Deciding which emotions should be regulated and how strongly gives dreamers personal security.

Diving into stagnant water like you find in a swimming pool is an indication in dream interpretation erotic feelings and enjoyment of life. At the same time, the dream symbol embodies the possibility of swimming free of something in the presence of others. In dreams, internal or external obstacles are overcome. Anyone who can breathe freely underwater in their dreams can overcome difficult situations on their own.

A daring jump into the pool of a swimming pool – for example when diving – and diving deep into the water indicate in dream interpretation good intuition in business matters.

The dreamer’s feelings with the dream symbol “swimming pool” are also important: if he feels relaxed and refreshed in the dream through contact with the water while bathing, this reflects his current positive attitude towards life. There is currently a difficult phase in life and the sleeper feels uncomfortable in the dreamed swimming pool water.

Dream symbol “swimming pool” – the psychological interpretation

From a psychological point of view, the dream symbol “swimming pool” symbolizes the cleansing of things that weigh on the dreamer’s soul: feelings or behaviors that one is ashamed of. Certain actions that you consider to be wrong, or even traumatic experiences.

In addition, the swimming pool is a place where, by linking with the Amniotic fluid In the uterus an adult can return to childlike experiences and behavior in a dream. This means that the dream symbol “swimming pool” not only awakens buried memories in dream interpretation, but it also actively takes the dreamer back to his first, early childhood phases of life.

According to Sigmund Freud, water appearing in dreams also symbolizes pollution, the involuntary ejaculation that can occur as a result of an unconscious orgasm during sleep. In this context, the swimming pool becomes a dream symbol in dream interpretation liberation and contented relaxation. Accordingly, a pool lacking water indicates a lack of emotion and affection.

Some pools – especially those in the dream world – even have an area with massage jets, like a whirlpool. If you find yourself there to relax, come repressed events from the past to the surface of consciousness. The dreamer is only now finding out how much psychological stress these experiences have placed on him.

If you see yourself up to your neck in water with your mother in the swimming pool, the dream symbol in dream interpretation can be an indication of a situation that is too narrow Mother bonding be. The dreamer fears drowning in maternal feelings. Depending on your personal situation, the dream can also reflect a longing for a closer relationship with your mother.

Dream symbol “swimming pool” – the spiritual interpretation

The dream symbol “swimming pool” can be an expression of dream interpretation on a spiritual level that I of the dreaming, which is in one Phase of change as well as cleaning and renewal.

If you drown in the swimming pool in a dream while bathing, the dream situation of drowning is a warning signal that the dreamer is getting lost in his world of thoughts. He should give the mind a little less space in his life and instead trust his instincts and emotions more often.

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