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Swans appear in many fairy tales and myths. They owe this primarily to their impressive size and mostly pure white plumage. Even a ballet piece was dedicated to the bird: the Russian composer Tchaikovsky wrote the music for the world-famous play “Swan Lake,” which was first performed in Moscow in 1877.

In addition to the usual white swan, there is a type of black swan, namely the mourning swans. All swans are classified as part of the duck family and are very similar to the goose; However, a swan is even bigger.

This color distinction is also important for analyzing a swan dream. Because depending on the color, the dream symbol indicates something different. But it’s not just the color of the swan in the dream that should be taken into account. Other details of the dream are also important when finding the “correct” meaning, which is why you should always use as many details of a dream as possible.

First, let’s look at what dreams with a swan are dreamed most often:

Dream symbol “Swan” – The most common dreams about the symbol

The color of the swan in a dream

Dream interpretation red swan

In general dream interpretation, the color red symbolizes passion and all living things, but also aggression and willingness to use violence. If a swan has red plumage in a dream, then these two symbols in combination with each other strengthen the dreamer’s emotional world. Perhaps the person can love another person very passionately and sacrifice themselves. The only problem is that the person affected cannot or does not always want to show this depth of feeling – in some life situations this is a smart move, in others it can reduce opportunities.

A black swan in a dream

Anyone who recognizes a black swan in a dream will certainly be surprised when they wake up – after all, the black-feathered animals are seen less often than their white counterparts. As a dream symbol, the black swan indicates arguments and disputes that can arise with the environment or family. This dream interpretation is supported by cloudy and dark water near the bird. Pay attention to the other dream symbols in order to be able to interpret the entire dream content!

The white swan as a dream symbol

Dreamers often encounter an impressive white swan in their sleep. The white, bright plumage symbolizes a rosy future that the dreamer can look forward to. His professional goals and private wishes will be largely fulfilled, but he will also have to show a certain amount of commitment to achieve this.

Two swans appear in a dream

In general dream interpretation, the number two represents the two sides of a personality. These can be aspects that go hand in hand with feelings and on the other hand with the mind. Anyone who experiences two swans in a dream will become aware of these two parts of their personality. There may be a reason to take a closer look at your own feelings or to make a decision completely rationally. The dreamer is conflicted and processes this inner conflict in his sleep.

A dangerous swan appears in your sleep

Dream interpretation swan attack

If you, as a dreamer, are attacked by an aggressive swan in your sleep, your feelings will feel threatened from outside. It may be that something unpleasant will happen to the dreamer in the near future, which will affect them greatly and shake up their emotional world. What is needed here is to restore stability. You should try to find an “anchor” – this can be a friend, a family member or even a hobby that distracts you and at the same time strengthens your self-confidence.

Dreaming that a swan bites

Dreaming of a swan biting someone else or yourself symbolizes negative feelings such as jealousy. Is there a person who is jealous of you? If you are the victim of the swan attack, there can be trouble. A conflict is brewing that is unnecessary. Try to avoid this argument.

A sick or dead swan in a dream

Killing the swan in a dream

What can it mean if you violently kill a swan in a dream? Surely you could never imagine doing something like this in waking life. Killing represents suppressed feelings that the dreamer should accept. The dream reminds you to deal more consciously with the emotions that are unpleasant.

Dream interpretation dead swan

Seeing a dead swan in a dream without knowing how the animal died shows the sleeper’s instinct. The person affected must become aware of their original needs and abilities again, as in reality they are in a phase of reorientation and change. The “gut feeling” is valuable, especially when making important decisions on the new path.

Injured swan and the meaning in the dream

An injured swan in a dream indicates the sleeper’s hurt feelings. Perhaps there is long-standing emotional pain that has not yet been processed. The psychological processing of this pain is important so that final healing can take place. See the dream as an invitation to tackle the problem!

Dream symbol “swan” – the general interpretation

According to general dream interpretation, the dream symbol “swan” refers to the feelings of the dreamer. The dreamer should become aware of these through his dream, since he does not pay enough attention to them in the waking world. Often the dreamer’s wish for a happy marriage is hidden behind the swan in the dream.

However, a singing or dying swan in a dream can indicate that the dreamer’s feelings are not reciprocated in waking life. This dream interpretation applies if other dream symbols from your sleep experience point in this direction. For this reason, the entire dream with all of its images should always be analyzed.

The general dream interpretation knows a number of dream situations for the dream symbol “swan”, which can be interpreted in different ways:

The sight of a swan in the lake as a dream symbol is a sign of luck in love, power and wealth interpreted. This dream situation also brings with it a successful course of business affairs. A flying swan as a dream symbol promises the dreamer that one of his wishes will come true.

If you see white swans in your dream, you have good prospects for the future. A black swan in a dream generally represents Conflicts and misunderstandings. If the dreamer sees a black swan near a clear body of water in his dream, he should beware of extramarital adventures.

Feeding a swan in a dream shows the dreamer that he will soon find a loyal partner or friend in waking life. If you hear a swan screaming in a dream, bad news may soon be coming your way. – Don’t worry though, this doesn’t mean that there will be a death or anything like that. However, your subconscious is afraid of it.

A dead swan in a dream represents frustration and reluctance. These feelings can relate to current life circumstances or a difficult relationship.

Dream symbol “swan” – the psychological interpretation

If you look at the dream symbol “swan” psychologically, the color of the swan’s feathers has a special meaning:

From a psychological perspective, a white swan refers to the ability of the dreamer to deep feelings to feel. This dream image also symbolizes the dreamer’s good relationship with himself and other people as well as spiritual interest and idealism. The sight of a black swan in a dream pleases the dreamer Instincts and make inspirations conscious.

According to psychological dream interpretation, Lohengrin’s swan – the bird in an opera based on Richard Wagner – as a dream symbol wants the dreamer to have his own secrecy show. With this he approaches his desired partner in love matters, but he is never allowed to ask him about his feelings or plans.

If the swan attacks the dreamer in a dream, he should prepare himself for something unpleasant in his waking life. According to psychological interpretation, swan song as a dream symbol refers to a period of time that has already passed. This will now be replaced by a better one that has good things in store for the dreamer.

Dream symbol “swan” – the spiritual interpretation

On the spiritual level of dream interpretation, the swan in the dream represents a symbol of… light but.

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