survive – dream interpretation

It is a well-known scenario from books and films that people are stranded on a deserted island due to a plane crash or a shipwreck and have to fight for survival there. Such scenarios also often play out in the jungle. The (actually very rare) attack of a predator such as a tiger or lion in the wild or a shark attack and surviving such horror situations also tempt you to create adventurous stories.

The Bible already tells of the flood, which was survived by selected animals and a few people. Suddenly caught in an unknown or perhaps even dangerous environment, every decision can be the last, and completely new questions arise: What can I eat without being harmed? Where can I find fresh water? How do I protect myself against wild animals?

Survival means focusing entirely on the most necessary needs. The term also applies when we survive an accident or are lucky enough to recover from a serious illness. We also say: “He will outlive us all.”meaning that someone will have a long life despite resistance.

As varied as the meanings of the word “survive” are, the dream symbol can also be interpreted in many different ways, as you can read here.

Dream symbol “survive” – ​​the general interpretation

If you survive in a dream, be it an accident or by fighting your way through a jungle, this often represents one in dream interpretation encouragement. The dangers that you encounter in everyday life and all the little hardships and seemingly difficult tasks are only half as bad, they can be survived. It may seem like you’re failing at something right now, but you don’t need to take that feeling seriously. The Successbe it of a private or professional nature, will happen.

The dream symbol generally also points to future events Energy and Energy No matter what, the dreamer will achieve what he sets out to do and enjoy it, perhaps even bask a little in his own success. Anyone who survives has successfully defended their own life and is proud to still be alive, perhaps even intact and with a completely new beauty, which can radiate from within people after formative experiences.

Surviving a great danger, i.e. almost dying but continuing to live, can also come up change indicate what is to come in life. The dreamer leaves behind a previously known aspect or a relationship and continues through life alone.

If you barely survive a plague or an epidemic in your sleep, you may want to prepare yourself for financial losses.

To dream of dangerous backpacking trips in which you move through often inhospitable landscapes under extreme conditions symbolizes Self-sufficiency and a confident personality.

Dream symbol “survive” – ​​the psychological interpretation

Surviving has to do with your own death, which is almost always drastic in dreams Changes stands for a new beginning in the life of the dreamer. If you find yourself in a dangerous situation in a dream and are the only one to survive while other people die, it is of great importance for the interpretation which people they are.

If it’s about your partner, a family member or other close people, it may be an indication that you Relationship perceive it as disturbed or no longer good for you, and from which you free yourself in the dream.

The type of danger you survive also plays a role in the interpretation – the car represents independence and control, while a plane crash symbolizes the need to rethink your own illusions.

Dream symbol “survive” – ​​the spiritual interpretation

A dream about survival refers to the interface between life and death. From a spiritual perspective, death is not an end, but the beginning of a new phase of life. The old is left behind.

This is how the dream symbol “survive” stands for New beginning and the departure from the previous.

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