Surveillance camera – dream interpretation

Surveillance cameras are used to record what is happening in a specific area, for example in the entrance of a house or in a public square. On the one hand, this deters potential criminals. On the other hand, a video recording can help identify the perpetrators.

No one now questions the fact that we get caught speeding when we drive too fast. However, comprehensive video surveillance with stationary cameras and with the help of flying drones is controversial for data protection reasons. And you can’t easily monitor people in your private environment, especially not without their knowledge.

A dream about a surveillance camera can give the sleeper a feeling of security. However, he may not perceive the device as protection at all, but rather as a means of control. Then he will probably feel rather uncomfortable. Your own feelings are very informative when interpreting dreams.

Dream symbol “surveillance camera” – the general interpretation

As a dream symbol, a surveillance camera embodies both stored memories as well as a distancing from certain experiences. According to dream interpretation, recording with a camera is an indication of events that will not let the dreamer rest. However, preoccupation with the past prevents future-oriented action.

The dream should therefore also be understood as an invitation to look at the overall picture from a spatial and emotional distance. This way you can come to a more objective assessment.

In popular dream interpretation, the surveillance camera stands for vanity. It can also indicate that someone is attracted to the dreamer and is watching him. In addition, the dream symbol is sometimes a warning against an attempt at deception. If the sleeper has the impression in a dream that a video camera is controlling him, perhaps he is actually dealing with insincere friends.

The aspect of the “surveillance camera” dream symbol plays a role Exercise of power an important role. Perhaps the dreaming person is in a subordinate position in real life and suffers from the behavior of an authority figure. The dream image symbolizes forced respect and expresses the frustration of not being able to defend yourself. According to dream interpretation, the dream symbol “surveillance camera” can also indicate bad habits that determine the life of the dreamer.

Dream symbol “surveillance camera” – psychological interpretation

A surveillance camera symbolizes this as a dream symbol memory of the sleeping person. The experiences stored there should be put to better use. In the sense of psychological dream interpretation, the dream is a request from the subconscious to actively deal with past experiences. Otherwise they will be repressed and the dreamer will not be able to benefit from them.

Viewing a situation or course of action through the lens of a camera creates more distance. The dream image makes it clear to the sleeper that he should view and evaluate certain situations or his own behavior neutrally. According to dream analysis, the surveillance camera provides an overall overview in the dream. Based on this, the dreamer can judge what he wants to keep in his memory and what is irrelevant to him.

The exact dream content is crucial for dream interpretation. If the dreamer himself is filmed by a surveillance camera, the dream symbol expresses the Fear of control by other people or institutions. In the dream, the subconscious rebels against the loss of self-determination. If the dreamer uses the camera for surveillance, this shows, according to dream analysis, the need to exercise power and to control one’s own emotions.

Dream symbol “surveillance camera” – the spiritual interpretation

On the transcendental level, the dream symbol “surveillance camera” represents alertness Perhaps there are obstacles in mental development that make it necessary to observe the external environment more closely.

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