surprised – dream interpretation

You come home after a long, tiring day at work, open the door, fumble for the light switch, and – “Surprise!” you shout happily, and suddenly everything is full of lights, balloons and friends having a surprise birthday party or have organized to pass the exam.

The partner can surprise us with a marriage proposal or a particularly lovingly chosen gift. However, unpleasant surprises can also strike us out of the blue, such as an expensive bill or water damage. People also talk about being surprised by a storm. So what’s the deal with being surprised as a dream symbol? Why were you surprised in your dream?

Dream symbol “surprised” – the general interpretation

In dream interpretation, being surprised or feeling surprised generally represents Unexpected. If you experience a positive surprise in a dream, for example a birthday party, pleasant times lie ahead, even if you don’t expect them at the moment.

An unpleasant surprise, such as the news that your son wrecked your new car or a job termination, represents problems that arise unexpectedly. These require careful action. You should not panic now, but prepare yourself for future inconveniences.

Surprises in dreams can also symbolize feelings like that Angst of the unknown that could come upon you without warning and that you don’t feel capable of coping with. Anyone who faints even in dreams because they experience a big surprise will feel helpless and unable to act in a certain matter in waking life.

Being surprised by nightfall in a dream is considered a bad sign and a warning of what may happen bad luck. If you are surprised by a storm while on your dream trip, you should reconsider your travel route. This can also refer to the path of life in a figurative sense.

In connection with sexuality Being surprised or caught, for example during a dreamed affair, can indicate unconscious problems and fears in your own sexuality.

Dream symbol “surprised” – the psychological interpretation

If you are surprised in a dream, you will initially experience an immediate feeling that is not unlike terror. Depending on the direction in which this dissolves, conclusions can be drawn as to your emotional life face each other.

If the surprise is pleasant and associated with joy or even happiness, it symbolizes one open personality. You deal honestly with your feelings, acknowledge less desirable or conflicting feelings, and repeatedly confront yourself with your subconscious.

On the other hand, if you fall out of the clouds in a dream, this speaks for one Angst before the future. They fear unexpected events and the unknown. You avoid your feelings and do not face your subconscious desires or fears.

If your dream of being surprised has a sexual component, if you are ashamed of your actions or your own nudity, the dream symbol “surprised” indicates hidden conflicts with your own sexuality there. You may feel unprepared for your own wants and needs.

Dream symbol “surprised” – the spiritual interpretation

The dream symbol can be interpreted spiritually for one Blockade standing in the subconscious – the dreamer is not yet ready to move to the higher level of consciousness, something in him is still holding on to the earthly. The next step in development is frightening and seems unknown and far away. Maybe you also have the feeling that the… Development happens too suddenly.

Take your dream as a sign to relax and open up to new things – with transcendence comes new vitality.

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