Surprise – dream interpretation

A surprise is generally seen as something beautiful and pleasant that we can unexpectedly be happy about. Maybe someone sends us a package with a surprise, we are surprised with a special gift or a party on our birthday, or we are given particularly good news as a surprise.

But a surprise doesn’t always only trigger pleasant feelings. Sometimes bad news or negative developments in a particular matter can surprise us. Of course, one would prefer to do without this. Exclamations like “Well, that’s a gift!” show the shock that a nasty surprise often causes.

The two sides that a surprise can have also play a role in dream interpretation. Here too, we can perceive the feeling of surprise as positive or as worrying, annoying or even frightening. In order to interpret the surprise as a dream symbol, such circumstances should definitely be taken into account.

Dream symbol “surprise” – the general interpretation

According to general opinion, a surprise in a dream always announces something Unexpected in real life. Something will happen that the person concerned did not expect. Whether this is beneficial for him or has negative consequences depends primarily on the feelings felt in the dream.

If you are happy or even cheer, expect something happy times. You will be able to live a balanced life and have many wonderful experiences. Dreaming likes to accept sudden changes. He is able to quickly recognize unexpected opportunities and take advantage of them directly.

However, if it is something negative that triggers the feeling of surprise in the dream, you should be careful Problems and stop unfavorable developments. Not everything will go as the person concerned wanted or hoped. There is a risk of setbacks and defeats. However, it is still important that the dreamer stays calm in order to proceed prudently and prudently despite all the circumstances. In this way he will ultimately be able to get the best out of the situation.

A surprise that is associated with fear and threat in a dream, for example if an armed, masked person suddenly jumps out from behind a dark corner, can also be your own Angst symbolize the strange and unexpected. The affected person does not like to give up the steering wheel in life, always wants to know where he stands and what awaits him, both in the immediate and in the more distant future.

If you find a little surprise inside a lollipop, it can illustrate that you will probably soon be successful in something.

Dream symbol “surprise” – the psychological interpretation

In the psychological interpretation of dreams, the symbol “surprise” refers to the emotional life of the person affected. If he experiences a happy, good surprise in the dream, he is spiritual balanced. He knows his emotions and knows how to deal with them.

According to psychoanalysts, a bad surprise, on the other hand, gives up Fears about the future and repressed feelings close. The dreamer is not internally in harmony with himself.

Dream symbol “surprise” – the spiritual interpretation

According to this interpretation approach, a surprise calls for one to open up spiritually and Personality developments to allow. So far, the dreamer has been prevented or even completely blocked by a certain aspect of his life.

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