Supernatural – Dream Interpretation

When we talk about something supernatural, we usually mean that something goes beyond the laws of nature and cannot be explained by normal reason. In the real world, such phenomena or occurrences are usually quite rare, but they can still occur.

The supernatural can often be found in films or fantasy stories. Many horror films thrive on mystical incidents or the appearance of something supernatural.

Since we as humans spend most of our time guided by reason, encountering something unimaginable seems far away. And yet we can have such an experience on the dream level. You can read what this can mean in the following article.

Dream symbol “supernatural” – the general interpretation

Generally speaking, the dream in which something supernatural appears can be considered a warning be interpreted. The dreamer should become aware that certain things in the waking world may be different than what he or she previously estimated. Someone may also try to deceive the person concerned in a matter.

If the dreamer himself appears as a magician or witch in his sleep and creates magic, this can be his actual tension or to illustrate fear regarding a business venture. If something mystical appears on the dream level, this may indicate that the person concerned is dealing with inexplicable events in waking life.

Unusual figures, such as trolls or mythical creatures, can, as dream images, illustrate mental content that the sleeping person can hardly grasp. If you see something inexplicable in your dream, for example aliens and extraterrestrials, a UFO or a UFO attack, general dream analysis often warns you to take the parts of your dream into account personality to accept things that are foreign to him or that he finds disturbing.

If the dreaming person sees something heavenly, such as an angel, or something devilish, these dream appearances are in many cases an expression of their good or evil shoots seen in waking life. Something demonic as a dream symbol can make the sleeper aware that he longs for more influence in reality.

For a long time, the mysterious Northern Lights were believed to have a supernatural origin, such as being a transition zone into the realm of the dead. If you discover such light phenomena in the dream sky, the sleeper will experience something special in their everyday lives Event to. Since the matter is likely to be positive, it is very welcome to the person concerned.

Dream symbol “supernatural” – the psychological interpretation

On the psychological level of dream analysis, the symbol most often embodies “supernatural”. adventures or feelings that initially seem foreign to the dreamer. But he should now try to accept this experience, as he can develop personally further in this way.

Anyone who sees something mysterious or unusual in their dream is often asked to think about its differences Character traits too busy. This will allow the person affected to better understand their innermost being. The sight of supernatural things, such as ghosts or ghosts, perhaps in a haunted house, can illustrate certain insecurities of the sleeper in the waking world.

If you are dealing with mysterious things while you sleep, you should perhaps become aware of your own strengths in the intellectual area. The occult as a dream image appears in many cases fears to draw attention to issues that are deeply anchored in the soul of those affected.

If one experiences in the dream world how a fakir appears to walk over a bed of nails or shards of glass seemingly painlessly, the sleeper has an eccentric character. That means he has everything Extraordinary appreciates and quickly becomes fascinated by what appears to be different from the norm.

If the dream becomes mysterious or something unknown appears, according to psychological dream analysis, it would be beneficial for the sleeping person to sharpen their perception of themselves and to deal with the entire range of their personality.

Dream symbol “supernatural” – the spiritual interpretation

The spiritual interpretation of dreams interprets the symbol “supernatural” as an expression of an inexplicable, magical energy out of. The dreamer has not yet fully grasped or understood this power. He should therefore work on expanding his current understanding of transcendent matters.

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