Suicide – dream interpretation

When people no longer see a way out or are tired of their lives, they are sometimes at risk of committing suicide – also known as “suicide”. This violent end to one’s own life, this self-destruction, is generally preceded by a long period of suffering, such as depression or illness, or an immediately drastic experience that causes people to take this drastic step.

Young girls who are dissatisfied with themselves and their lives sometimes start scratching with razor blades, nail scissors and knives – if cut poorly and too deeply, this form of self-harm can lead to life-threatening, profusely bleeding cuts or subsequent inflammation and, if incorrect follow-up treatment, can lead to (unwanted) death.

A form of ritual suicide carried out in Japan is called Harakiri. This involves piercing the abdominal wall with a sword. Harakiri was committed until the middle of the 19th century in order to restore the previously destroyed honor of the family.

Death and suicide are dream images that appear frequently. A shot in the head, hanging by the belt, lying on a train track are just examples of the images that appear in the dream world in connection with suicide. However, viewed symbolically, they usually have a completely different meaning than that of an actual death wish.

Read more about the most common dreams about the symbol and the interesting ways to interpret a suicide dream in our following article:

Dream symbol “suicide” – The most common dreams about the symbol

Seeing suicide in your sleep

If you basically observe a suicide in a dream – regardless of who kills themselves – then the dreamer should prepare for defeat. This can affect the person themselves, but also another person. If there is a person who influences the dreamer, they will be able to free themselves from it and become more independent.

Prepare for suicide in the dream world

Suicidal thoughts in a dream? Find out more here!

If we are plagued by suicidal thoughts in our dreams, it is quite possible that something in the real world is currently weighing us down. Maybe we are dissatisfied with our current life situation and have been thinking about changing our lives completely. Now is the right time to take a new direction!

The farewell letter: What does it mean in a dream?

If you write a farewell letter in a dream, this symbolizes an insight that has a certain finality, especially from the perspective of psychological interpretation. If you receive a farewell letter in the form of a death notice, the dream is seen as an indication from the subconscious that someone in the waking world needs help.

Suicide attempt – why do I dream about it?

If you want to interpret the dream of a suicide attempt, it is first important to remember that this rarely has anything to do with an actual intended death in the waking world. Rather, a suicide attempt represents the abrupt end of certain things, such as a relationship. Another person’s suicide attempt indicates that this person is influencing you.

Slitting the arteries in a dreamed suicide

Anyone who slits their own wrists in their dream is probably longing for a change in their life. The person affected is ready to break away from their previous rhythm of life and get involved in something new. Through his personal development, he now feels able to take this step in reality.

However, if another person cuts the dreamer’s wrists, this dream situation can be understood as a warning: In the waking world, someone may try to take control of the person’s energy and weaken them.

The suicide bomber in dream interpretation

Seeing a suicide bomber in a dream as part of an attack may seem shocking at first, but it has a very positive meaning. In dream interpretation, a suicide bomber symbolizes that a phase of life that may have been characterized by worries and grief will soon come to an end.

Making a dream suicide pact

Making a suicide pact with another person in a dream brings the importance of this person in our lives to the fore. It is very likely that we have a special relationship and a familiar relationship with this person. The dream wants to show us this.

Assisted suicide. Dream analysis of euthanasia

If a dream situation arises in which the dreaming person helps someone die or commit suicide, the main reason behind this is their strong willingness to help. The person affected probably often offers help in everyday life and supports people even in unpleasant moments. At the end there is a thank you and reward.

Who committed suicide in a dream?

Your own suicide in the dream

Anyone who takes their own life and dies in a dream will probably wake up frightened the next morning. Do you now have to worry about your own will to live? No, this extraordinary dream situation is just a warning from the subconscious to the dreamer. A lot of stress has recently become noticeable: the dreamer doesn’t feel fit and exhausted.

Your own suicide in a dream should be seen as good advice to take a break and rethink your own restless lifestyle.

Suicide of a loved one in the dream world

If a loved one commits suicide in the dream world, this can be interpreted as a call for the dreaming person to pay more attention to this person in their life. Is there perhaps someone you are very close to but with whom you haven’t had close contact for a long time?

“Mother suicide” – interpretation of the dream image

Even in a dream, the death of one’s mother is a very sad experience, especially if the mother dies due to suicide. However, behind the dream image “mother suicide” or “mother suicide” there are certainly positive things hidden, such as the end of an important phase of life, which can represent a decisive step in your own personal development.

The father’s suicide in a dream experience

Even if the father commits suicide and dies in the dream, this dream situation is not a bad omen for the actual death of the father. Rather, this dream is a symbol of your own development process.

The image that you have had of your own father since childhood is now changing. This doesn’t have to be negative, your perspective changes based on your own progressive life experience. However, sometimes a negative experience with your father can help you see this person with different eyes.

Dreaming of brother committing suicide

The brother is a good advisor, in dreams as well as (usually) in the waking world. If this important person dies by suicide in the dream, bad times are in store for the dreamer. Life becomes restless and worries spread. A development is emerging that was not planned and is negative. The dreamer should take the hint of his subconscious seriously and set the right course on his life’s path in good time in order to avoid difficulties.

The partner commits suicide and dies in the dream

The self-inflicted death of your beloved partner is a disturbing dream image, as you wake up with an uneasy feeling. Did your loved one hide something from me? Does he have deep concerns and is he actually thinking about something…?

No, the dream symbol “partner suicide” and the dreamed death of the partner usually refer to the life of the dreamer. Is a change coming? The subconscious, for example, processes problems in a relationship in this way. Dissatisfaction with the job or with the living situation can also be expressed in this way.

Girlfriend’s suicide – a nightmare

Did a good friend die by suicide in a dream? Then this dream image symbolizes that something in the dreamer’s life is coming to an end. This could be a relationship or giving up your old job. It’s time to say goodbye – maybe you’ll move to another city or even another country? The soul is ready for a new beginning.

Suicide by a stranger. An unknown person dies in his dreams

A stranger can be an interesting matter in the world of dream interpretation, because in reality we see in the unknown a part of ourselves: the other represents the mind and spirit of the dreamer. If he kills himself, personality aspects are lost on the one hand – but on the other hand, new, exciting characteristics can be gained and developed more strongly.

Mass suicide: a pretty bad nightmare!

A mass suicide in which many people kill themselves symbolizes a possible lack of support in the waking world within dream interpretation. In addition, the dead people can indicate problems in coping with everyday life and provide an incentive to look for new employment – be it private or professional.

Dream symbol “suicide” – the general interpretation

Suicide or suicide attempt in the dream world does not necessarily mean the death of someone or your own desire to die. Much more often, this is intended to give an indication that Relationships or Projects can be ended by force. This can also be the end of business or professional matters.

Death by one’s own hand is often interpreted in the dream world as a symbol that the dreamer may be unclean with himself. He is often angry with himself.

In general, this dream image can make the dreamer’s attention that it is time to change something in life. Life may be going in the wrong direction and needs a drastic change Change of direction.

In this context, suicide in the dream world is already considered warning to understand, because the body or even the mind may be at risk of being damaged by the wrong lifestyle. The person affected should examine themselves and think about what actually makes or could make them happy in life.

Sometimes it can also happen failure represent suicide in a dream if the dreamer suffers greatly from it. If you see someone else commit suicide or hear about it, dream research interprets this dream image as an indication that strangers will have an influence on the dreamer.

If a woman dreams that her lover commits suicide, she may be very disappointed by his possible infidelity. Also another one Breach of trust comes into question here; An affair with another woman and the resulting infidelity is just one of many examples that can lead to disappointment.

Dream symbol “suicide” – the psychological interpretation

Suicide in one’s sleep is discussed in the psychological interpretation of dreams not seen as an announcement of death.

Dream research interprets this dream image as an indication from the subconscious to pay more attention to oneself. So it serves more as one warning to the dreamer to treat and care for their own body and mind better. Your own way of life is often too strenuous and stressful in the long term. The person affected should allow themselves more rest.

Sometimes suicide in the dream world can also be a sign that there is a problem in the dreamer’s life that he can no longer cope with alone. In this case, too, this does not mean that he is at risk of suicide in waking life. Much more is announced here as an intentional one change in the life of the dreamer.

Dream symbol “suicide” – the spiritual interpretation

The spiritual dream interpretation interprets suicide in one’s sleep as a sign for the Detachment from the old self in order to develop spiritually.

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