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A subway is an inner-city train that runs largely underground – in contrast to the S-Bahn, which connects various nearby cities with each other. The subway, also known as the metro, runs on an independent rail network, independent of other city traffic. The train is part of local public transport and is practical for passengers who want to get from A to B quickly within a city.

This makes them particularly attractive, as you can quickly get from one place to another without being bothered by traffic jams. How well this works depends, of course, on the subway network. In cities that have a comprehensive network, such as New York, London or Paris, you can travel back and forth across the entire city in a short time. Sometimes a subway also runs above ground on certain sections of the route.

If someone dreams that they are taking the subway or that they are standing at a subway station and waiting, this sometimes has a certain real connection. Maybe he actually uses this mode of transport often or he usually travels in other vehicles and an upcoming trip on the subway is particularly preoccupying him.

The questions that this dream symbol raises for the dreamer arise from the overall context in the dream interpretation. After the particularly frequently experienced subway dreams, we would like to devote ourselves to general dream interpretation further down on this page. You can be curious to see what the dream symbol has in store for you…

Dream symbol “subway” – The most common dreams about the symbol

The shaft for a subway. What does the dreamed darkness mean?

If the sleeper is afraid of entering a subway shaft in the dream, this often reflects fears about situations in everyday life that are perceived as oppressive. This dream symbol can also be used to express fears about the future.

Taking the train out of a tunnel often indicates deteriorating health or difficult career changes for the dreamer in reality. If the train gets stuck in a shaft in the dream, this dream situation can signal that the dreaming person is not making any progress in a matter in everyday life.

Dream symbol “subway” – the general interpretation

On a subway, especially at rush hour, you find yourself with a lot of passengers, all heading in the same direction, albeit with different end destinations.

In dream interpretation, the dream symbol is therefore to be understood as a symbol of communal movement. The dreamer needs other people to move forward and uses them in the dream flow of the groupthat drags him along. In addition, the dream symbol “subway” also shows the joy of contact and Communication skills of the dreamer.

If you see a subway or ride in it in a dream, this means in popular dream interpretation that some things can take a completely different course than expected and hoped. The dream symbol also embodies Problems, which can confuse the dreamer psychologically and emotionally. These can be, for example, certain losses or worries that arise from obscure actions.

If someone stops in the subway between two subway stops in a dream, they are obviously stuck in one Dilemma, a “predicament”. The person can neither go forward nor back and must find a solution with great care and patience.

Dream symbol “subway” – the psychological interpretation

In the psychological interpretation of dreams, a ride on the subway corresponds to a quick immersion into something unconscious. The subconscious has a strong influence on how we live our lives and in which direction we move.

Riding on a dreamed subway represents how the dreamer takes an interested look into his psyche. However, penetrating the depths of one’s own soul in a dream is an exceptional psychological state; the end of the tunnel marks the return to conscious perception.

In dream interpretation, the dreamer is now faced with the question of which inner drives he can use more in his life. Ideally, a dream with this dream symbol leads to one better understanding himself.

Dream symbol “subway” – the spiritual interpretation

On the spiritual level, the dream symbol “subway” in dream interpretation is a symbol of the spiritual that is hidden in the underground tunnel.

The platoon leader complies with this Spiritual guidewho shows the dreaming the direction on their spiritual path.

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