Stroller – dream interpretation

In the past, babies and small children were carried around in cloths or baskets. Wicker baskets mounted on wheels became the first bassinets in the 19th century. The serial production of strollers for use on the road began in England in 1840. With their large wheels and typical suspension, they were very reminiscent of small-sized carriages. In the 20th century, the automobile industry influenced the choice of materials and the shape of models. Today there are a variety of buggies, joggers and practical combination strollers.

Buying baby items is probably one of the best ways to prepare for the birth of a child. Choosing the right stroller is almost a science in itself. There is not only the standard stroller – with and without additional equipment if desired – but also larger, specially manufactured strollers if you are expecting twins, triplets or even quadruplets as a mother.

If someone dreams of a stroller, they have probably given the topic a lot of thought recently. Perhaps he is afraid that the baby will be born before the equipment is perfect. Maybe the dreamer is just happy and impatient. In dream interpretation, it plays a role, among other things, whether there is a baby in the stroller or whether it is empty.

Dream symbol “stroller” – the general interpretation

The dream symbol “stroller” can have different meanings in dream interpretation. If an empty stroller is pushed in a dream, it reflects the current situation emotional state of the dreamer. He’s probably feeling sad, unfulfilled, or despondent about something right now. The goals set seem unattainable.

If there is a baby in the stroller, the dream symbol expresses the desire to start a family. Perhaps the dreamer feels alone and his dream is intended to reassure him that relief will soon be found.

In the dream symbol “stroller” the thematic birth of a child heralds a change that also brings with it responsibility. This can be perceived as a burden by the dreamer. This does not necessarily have to be an addition to the family.

In dream interpretation, the dream symbol can generally be a new phase of life symbolize. The dreamer should consciously think again about his future plans. The dream may make him aware of the consequences that will arise and that will affect his future.

In the interpretation of dreams, the buggy or the car for the little offspring can also represent an idea that the dreamer is pushing forward and that still has to develop.

Dream symbol “stroller” – the psychological interpretation

The psychological interpretation of dreams interprets the dream symbol “stroller” as a request from the subconscious to pay more attention to the child own needs take care of. The child in the dream itself wants to be cared for and nurtured. Dreaming of a stroller means that you need to take care of your soul as well as your body to keep it healthy. On the other hand, the dream symbol can also signal to the dreamer that he or she behaves childishly and immaturely from time to time. The dreamer should consciously analyze his attitude and, if necessary, work on his personality.

In dream interpretation, an empty stroller can be a symbol of something that the dreamer longs for but does not get. The unfulfilled wish becomes a burden in the dream that you would like to get rid of. The dreamer should try to find out which repressed needs are burdening him and say goodbye to these wishes.

Another possible interpretation of the dream symbol “stroller” lies in early childhood Experiences of the dreamer. In order to enable an accurate dream interpretation, it is relevant which emotions the dreamer associates with the stroller.

Dream symbol “stroller” – the spiritual interpretation

In dream interpretation, the dream symbol “stroller” embodies the Beginning of a new spiritual phase. The dreamer is facing a change and should take on the responsibility that comes with it.

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