Strings – dream interpretation

Strings can be made of different materials, such as natural gut, plant fibers, animal hair, steel, aluminum or plastic. The material used always depends on its use or which specific property is desired for the strings. Particularly with string instruments or bowed instruments such as the violin, cello or double bass, the quality and length of a string is crucial for the sound: a ukulele with plastic strings sounds different than an electric guitar with steel strings.

If the material of the strings is very clearly visible in the dream or if it is very much in the foreground of the dream, the corresponding dream symbol should also be used for an expanded dream interpretation.

Dream symbol “strings” – the general interpretation

The general dream interpretation interprets the dream symbol “strings” as a hint to the dreamer that he is fulfilling his wish Amusements should be taken seriously in waking life. These pleasures can be erotic or sexual desires as well as happy hours in the broadest sense.

However, the dream symbol “strings” also shows the dreamer that he can harm himself by having too much fun. He should therefore act thoughtfully and not just for pleasure.

If the dreamer sees the strings of an instrument in the dream, this shows him that he will make the right decision in various matters in the future. If the dreamer puts strings on an instrument in the dream, good and successful things await him in the waking world, according to general dream interpretation businesses. Golden strings, braids or cords in a dream portend big winnings, which the dreamer can soon look forward to in waking life.

Masterfully playing the strings of a violin in a dream shows the dreamer that he can also achieve great things in waking life Attention want to excite. On the other hand, if he plays the strings of a guitar in a dream, he is very satisfied with his life and all affairs are developing splendidly. The delicate sounds of a harp signal that the dreaming person longs for the touch of a loved one.

Dream symbol “strings” – the psychological interpretation

From a psychological point of view, the strings of an instrument as a dream symbol usually refer to the feminine and the emotional level of the dreamer. In this context, the condition of the strings in the dream is interesting for dream interpretation. If these are new or barely used, the dreamer receives the hint that everything is fine with his emotional life or that a new love is waiting for him.

Old or broken strings as a dream symbol, on the other hand, refer to emotional problems. The dreamer should take a closer look at his emotions in the waking world and thus find out the cause of his difficulties.

If the dreamer tunes the strings of a string instrument in the dream, he was annoyed about a certain thing in his waking life annoyance but soon forgot again.

Dream symbol “strings” – the spiritual interpretation

On the spiritual side of dream interpretation, the strings of an instrument refer to the dream symbol harmony wish of the dreamer in spiritual matters.

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