Stringed instruments – dream interpretation

In a string instrument, the sound is produced by transmitting the vibration of the tensioned string to a resonance box. The string can be bowed or plucked with your fingers. The most well-known stringed instruments are the violin, cello and harp. The guitar or electric guitar is extremely popular, and the cymbal is hardly known from Eastern Europe. You can play modern pop songs, rock out to wild tunes or sing carols around the campfire. The ukulele is often ridiculed as a “children’s guitar,” but it still has its place in the world of string instruments.

A dream about stringed instruments may be based on an actual desire to be able to play an instrument. If the sounds are harmonious, the dreamer will certainly enjoy the game. But he may also struggle in vain and find the music an unpleasant discord. When interpreting dreams, it is informative to know which stringed instruments the dream is about.

Dream symbol “stringed instruments” – the general interpretation

In dream interpretation, stringed instruments are a dream symbol for the pursuit of harmony and balance. It is possible that the dreamer is currently under pressure professionally or privately. With the music in the dream he expresses that he is looking for a sensible one Balance between tension and relaxation.

If the stringed instruments are violins, the dream symbol is an indication of the dreamer’s willingness to perform. He wants to get through perfection stand out. Maybe in real life he tries to play first violin as often as possible. In dream interpretation, a dream about stringed instruments can be a sign of actual hidden talents and creativity that still need to be exploited.

In dream interpretation, the dream symbol “stringed instruments” often indicates romantic feelings. Maybe the dream is in love with someone. Then the sounds of the bowed or plucked strings promise a harmonious sound love relationship.

If the dreamer plays the stringed instruments themselves, the dream symbol warns of heartache. In a dream, a double bass embodies feelings that are expressed to the dreamer. However, he doesn’t answer this. A harp on which the same melody is played over and over again is a dream interpretation Warning signal: Someone is trying to persuade the dreamer to do something that he fundamentally rejects.

Dream symbol “stringed instruments” – the psychological interpretation

For the psychological interpretation of dreams, the sexual reference of the dream symbol “stringed instruments” is particularly important. On this level, a wind instrument embodies male sexuality, a string instrument embodies female, emotional eroticism.

On a violin or a cello, the bow represents the penis, with which the female is wooed or harassed. When interpreting the dream, it is therefore informative how the bow is wielded on the stringed instruments. A fast and demanding movement allows other conclusions to be drawn sexual desires of the dreamer as a slow and tender one.

The dream symbol is an attempt by the subconscious to clarify its own needs to the dreamer. Here too, the type of stringed instrument plays a central role: a double bass symbolizes a crude form of pleasure. In dream interpretation, a lute stands for the emphasis on romantic feelings and enthusiasm.

Dream symbol “stringed instruments” – the spiritual interpretation

On the transcendental level, the dream symbol “stringed instruments” expresses the dreamer’s need for spiritual harmony.

The harp in particular is embodied in spiritual dream interpretation religiousness and Contemplation. In dreams, its strings lead like a ladder into the spiritual world.

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