Stimulating dream – dream interpretation

When we sleep, feelings such as hunger or heat are not consciously perceived. However, the physical stimulus reaches our subconscious via the senses and often also enters our dreams in this way.

For example, if you feel cold because the blanket has slipped away, you often dream that you are freezing. A dream in which a sensory impression influences what is dreamed is called a stimulus dream. Basic needs such as eating and drinking can also suddenly appear in the dream in this way.

If someone has a stimulus dream, they are often simply overwhelmed by a physical need. Maybe the bladder is full and the dreamer is now looking for a toilet in the dream. Or you feel thirsty while sleeping and see a glass of fresh water in front of you. When interpreting dreams, it is important to distinguish whether the images are actually a stimulus dream or whether something deeper is being processed.

Dream symbol “stimulus dream” – the general interpretation

The interpretation of the dream symbol “stimulus dream” depends on the type of sensory impression. If the dreamer is suddenly cold, a cool draft can actually be the trigger.

In dream interpretation, however, the cold can also be a warning, better for yourself Health to pay attention. In addition, this stimulating dream also often indicates emotional coldness, loneliness and alienation from the environment.

The same applies if the dreamer becomes very hot in the dream. The dream symbol can then be a result of an external perception as well as a reminder to keep a cool head. In dream interpretation, this irritating dream often reflects passions that are out of control.

In addition, a stimulating dream is often included in dream interpretation needs like hunger or thirst. Here too, the dream symbol can be a result of an actual lack of food and fluids. It is possible that the dreamer has reduced his food because of a diet or restricted his drinking as part of a fast.

However, in dream interpretation, hunger can also occur in dreams Games point out and call for moderation. In connection with the dream symbol “stimulus dream”, thirst often also means inner restlessness. The dreamer is worried because, despite all his efforts, he is not successful.

Dream symbol “stimulus dream” – the psychological interpretation

In psychological dream interpretation, a stimulus dream can also reflect physical sensory impressions. The dream symbol can also draw attention to problems that lie dormant in the subconscious.

So both cold and heat in the dream can be a sign of something actually happening impending illness be. The psyche has unconsciously perceived the body signals and passes them on to the conscious mind in the dream.

The dream symbol “stimulus dream” can also express detachment and suppressed feelings on the one hand, as well as heated emotions such as anger or jealousy on the other. If the dreamer feels pleasant warmth, this shows in the dream interpretation that he is physically well and that he also feels safe.

Hunger and thirst sometimes represent physical aspects in a stimulating dream needs but in other cases it is emotional and spiritual. In dream interpretation, the dream symbol can draw the dreamer’s attention to the fact that he is actually lacking calories or fluids. However, in a dream, the subconscious can also sound the alarm because the dreamer is experiencing psychological problems Life energy missing.

In dream interpretation, the desire to drink can be a symbol of the desire for mental balance. If the dreamer quenches his thirst, the dream symbol “stimulus dream” shows the dreamer’s ability to deal with his needs appropriately.

Dream symbol “stimulus dream” – the spiritual interpretation

If you feel hungry or thirsty in a stimulating dream, the dream symbol expresses your desire for Enlightenmentafter spiritual knowledge and spiritual experience.

In dream interpretation, cold and heat, like the desire to eat and drink, are, on the one hand, expressions of actual sensory stimuli. On the other hand, the dream also reflects itself in a transcendent sense spiritual passion or a loss.

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