Stencil – dream interpretation

Depending on their intended use, stencils can be made of different materials, for example plastic, wood, sheet metal, fabric or cardboard. However, the basic purpose is always the same. Because the cut out template pattern is intended to be used to produce or process things of the same design.

In a figurative sense, the term “template” can also be used as another word for a scheme or rule, but also a cliché. The term “template-like thinking” describes thinking and acting in pre-established paths or behaviors.

But what message does the dream symbol “stencil” bring with it? What does such dream content want to draw attention to?

Dream symbol “stencil” – the general interpretation

Generally speaking, the dream image “stencil” can indicate that the dreamer has a strict life Order follows. He divides people into categories and has created a certain pattern for their behavior according to which he acts.

On the one hand, he should now become aware of this behavior through his dream. On the other hand, such a dream also contains a warning that this approach will be of little benefit to the dreamer in the long run. Because in doing so he creates prejudices within himself.

According to general dream analysis, anyone who draws patterns with a stencil in their dream will have many ideas and ideas in the waking world Ideas through your head. It should also be noted what type of pattern it is. Checkered dream patterns often indicate inner restlessness and imbalance. Longitudinal striped patterns in dreams symbolize the tensions of life, horizontal striped patterns indicate calm and harmony. Geometric stencil patterns as a dream image can indicate the sleeping person’s analytical thinking.

In addition, it is important for the general interpretation what the patterns are painted on in the dream using a stencil shape. Was it a wall in the apartment or clothing? Was the drawing on paper or perhaps fabric? Or was it used to paint a henna pattern on the skin? The aspects of the respective dream symbol can help here.

Dream symbol “stencil” – the psychological interpretation

The psychological interpretation of dreams sees a dream about a template as a sign to the dreamer that he does not want to be pressed into a certain shape. To him is his free action important and he doesn’t want to be pigeonholed into a certain mold. He also wants to free himself from certain clichés.

If the dreamer makes a sample or model while sleeping using a template, he receives a hint of something that is currently very strong subconscious busy. It should also be considered what a copy or replica is created of in the dream. From this, further conclusions can be drawn about the message of the dream.

If children paint with stencils in a dream, this can symbolize the sleeper’s childish ideas.

If you create a fake or an imitation of something in a dream using a stencil, it should show you that you are in the waking world lies to himself. The person concerned may pretend to be something that they are not.

Creating a stencil or template for others as a dream image can illustrate that the dreamer wants to convince others of his point of view.

Dream symbol “stencil” – the spiritual interpretation

From a spiritual point of view, the dream symbol “stencil” can draw attention to the fact that you are restricting your free spirit too much through so-called “box thinking”. restricted.

It would therefore be advisable for the dreamer to break away from this and recognize the potential of his mental abilities.

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