Spools of thread – dream interpretation

Thread spools are available in different sizes, always depending on their intended use. For example, spools for hand sewing thread can be rather small, while thread spools for industrial sewing machines seem almost giant.

Spools of thread - dream interpretation

The material from which coils are made today is also different. There are spools or rolls made of hard paper or cardboard, but wood and plastic are also used for this. The coil itself is tubular and can have disks on both sides. This shape is then referred to as a disc coil.

If you sew often, you probably have a few spools of thread at home. Finally, depending on the sewing work, a different color is needed. But not every household can still find needles and threads today. Since clothing can be bought very quickly, easily and cheaply, only very few people repair anything on their clothing.

Dream symbol “spools of thread – the general interpretation

Within general dream analysis, a spool of thread symbolizes in the dream wealth as well as possessions. However, spools of thread as a dream image can also refer to tasks that will prove to be tedious in the waking world.

A full spool of thread while sleeping promises the dreamer that his hopeful expectations in waking life will probably soon be fulfilled. If the spool of thread is empty, the sleeper stands against it disappointments before.

If you unwind a spool of yarn in your dream, you may soon suffer financial losses. On the other hand, if you wind a thread onto a spool of thread yourself in a dream, you will become rich through your own thrift. Winding tape onto a spool while you sleep illustrates this in general terms positive developments in a friendly area.

Dream symbol “spools of thread” – the psychological interpretation

The psychological interpretation of dreams sees a spool of thread as a dream image as an expression of an orderly and structured life. The sight of a basket with many spools of thread in a dream contains a clue to the different sides of a woman’s feminine personality.

For psychological interpretation it is also of great interest what color the thread on the spool was. Because further important information can be gained from this. Red yarn, for example, can be used on this Temperament and indicate the passion of the dreamer. However, if the thread is blue, you should become aware of your own sensitivity in emotional matters.

Anyone who unwinds a piece of thread from a spool for sewing in their dream often wants something in the emotional realm in the waking world.repair“. This could, for example, be a misunderstanding in a friendship or partnership that needs to be cleared up. If you spin yarn onto a spool in a dream, you want to prove your sincerity to someone in your waking life.

Dream symbol “spools of thread” – the spiritual interpretation

Viewed from a transcendent perspective, the dream symbol “spool of thread” can indicate that you are on a spiritual search looking for a connection to the spiritual world.

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