Sponge – dream interpretation

Depending on the material, sponges can be used for cleaning or bathing. So-called natural sponges are usually used for bathing. There are sponges specially made from foam for cleaning. What both types of sponges have in common is that they are always used for cleaning purposes.

Small sponges are also used to apply make-up. The term “sponge” also refers to a fungus that grows on trees, for example. Dry rot is not a cleaning tool, but also a fungus that destroys wood in buildings and is therefore feared.

The question therefore arises as to whether dreaming of a sponge should also be accompanied by cleaning. Is there anything in our lives that needs to be cleaned? Or does the dream symbol perhaps refer to something completely different?

Dream symbol “sponge” – the general interpretation

The general dream interpretation sees the dream symbol “sponge” as one warning to the dreamer. He should be the bad one eulogy and do not trivialize lies that concern him in the waking world or take them too lightly. Because although these are irrelevant, they can still cause him harm. He may also lose the affection of important people.

The dreamer is therefore asked by his dream to counteract this and clear himself of it. The sight of a sponge in a dream can also illustrate that you are being cheated on by another person in your waking life. You should exercise caution and find out about the fraud as quickly as possible.

If you buy a sponge in a dream, you can expect a good one in your waking life health status be happy. The general dream interpretation interprets giving away a sponge as a dream symbol as a sign of winning new friends.

If the dreamer wipes something away with a sponge in his dream, he must be prepared in waking life to become a victim of his own folly. If you wash yourself with a sponge in a dream, the dreamer will refute a slander against him in the waking world. If the sponge is wrung out in the dream or squeezed out by hand, the dreamer will learn news in waking life. He can use this to his advantage.

Dream symbol “sponge” – the psychological interpretation

From a psychological point of view, the dream symbol “sponge” wants to draw the dreamer’s attention to the fact that he is about to be “squeezed out” in some way in the waking world. On the one hand, this can relate to the financial area. The dreamer is deprived of his financial resources by another person in the waking world.

On the other hand, this “expressing” can also refer to his knowledge and skills. Someone wants to take advantage of this and deprives the dreamer of his knowledge advantage through words. The dreamer receives more than just one through the dream symbol “sponge”. warning before these events in the waking world. At the same time, his unconscious also asks him to confront them.

According to the psychological interpretation of dreams, washing with a sponge in a dream makes it clear that the dreamer is not separated from you bad feeling can detach. This feeling warns him of a critical matter or an unfavorable person.

In some cases, the sponge as a dream symbol also indicates that one should free oneself from mental and emotional dirt. Only then can a good connection to the spiritual level be established again.

Dream symbol “sponge” – the spiritual interpretation

According to the spiritual interpretation of dreams, the dreamer can be in the waking world just as the sponge absorbs water in the dream spiritual knowledge save.

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