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Sowing and harvesting have determined people’s annual cycles for thousands of years. However, the harvest was often poor due to the weather or pests and vermin. The methods of modern agriculture, such as cultivating the field with a harrow, guarantee much more stable and higher yields today.

You can experience fertility and growth up close as the seeds emerge. This is probably why it is still so popular today to sow something yourself. Cress or herbs, for example, can be grown not only in the country, but also on a small scale on the windowsill.

If someone dreams of sowing something, they are probably fascinated by the small seeds that already contain the beginnings of a large plant. Most of the time you can’t tell by looking at the seed what it will become. This may be why you are curious in your dreams. When interpreting dreams, it is important what plans the dreamer is pursuing in real life.

Dream symbol “sow” – the general interpretation

The dream symbol “sowing” can be understood as a process that produces something new. In dream interpretation, for example, it can represent the sexual act from which a pregnancy arises. The dreamer may have a desire to have children. In a figurative sense, however, the dream can also represent the beginning of a professional project. The dream may be in the process of realizing a private project.

In dream interpretation it can also do that personal potential which must sprout and develop when sown. The dream symbol can also embody a budding idea.

In dream interpretation, sowing can also be a symbolic act for sensible and successful business. Through planned action, the dreamer lays the foundation for a long and healthy life. If you sow turnips in a dream, you may face trouble and disappointments.

If you dream of sowing in calm weather, the dream symbol promises Profits and good luck. According to popular dream interpretation, distributing the seeds into evenly arranged holes in the ground indicates a systematic approach by the dreamer, which will bring him a lot of praise and recognition.

However, if you sow the seeds in a dream in wind and storm, the dream symbol shows the rashness of your actions. This can lead to failure.

Dream symbol “sow” – the psychological interpretation

In psychological terms, the dream symbol “sowing” is a symbol of the sexual act in dream interpretation. Just as the seed is introduced into the furrows of the earth, the male seed enters the female. In the dream, the seeds are unconsciously viewed as the basis for material and immaterial success.

In dream interpretation, sowing represents fertility and growth. The dreamer proves his own power, by distributing the seed. In addition, the dream symbol is a visual expression of one’s life force. Sowing should be followed by a rich harvest, which in turn is a sign of professional advancement and thus social standing.

In the psychological interpretation of dreams, the dream symbol “sowing” is also an expression of physical and psychological strength. In the dream, the fertile seed symbolically gives rise to physical and mental health Energy. However, if the dream only has the seeds without actually sowing them, this suggests psychological inhibitions in the dream interpretation.

Dream symbol “sow” – the spiritual interpretation

In spiritual dream interpretation, the dream symbol “sow” indicates creativity. It lies dormant in the seed mental power of the dreaming, which only unfolds when it falls on fertile ground.

If the dreamer succeeds in creating favorable conditions for spiritual growth, he can draw on a wealth of possibilities.

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