Soul – dream interpretation

The concept of soul can have different meanings. When we speak of a soul or spirit, we often primarily mean the identity, the different traits, experiences and emotions that make a person unique. The question of the mortality of the soul is answered differently in almost every religion and equally divides philosophers, thinkers and ethicists in their views. The only thing that is certain is that the soul is not tangible or measurable and therefore its immortality cannot be proven.

Soul - dream interpretation

Now when we dream of a soul, this can happen in different contexts. Perhaps the soul of a person appearing in a dream suddenly becomes visible. We may also feel our own soul leaving our body.

But what do such dream situations mean? How do you interpret the dream image “soul”?

Dream symbol “soul” – the general interpretation

According to general dream interpretation, the dream symbol “soul” suggests that the person concerned is… good social life maintains. The relationship with his fellow human beings is harmonious. This applies not only in private life, but equally in the professional environment.

This means that the dreamer also gets along well with colleagues, employees and superiors at work. In the event of a dispute, you can quickly and peacefully find a solution that satisfies everyone.

Dreams in which another person’s soul suddenly inhabits the sleeper certainly often feel strange and leave a skeptical feeling upon awakening. However, dream analysis also sees this as a positive sign. The dream image of the soul then announces an imminent new friendship at. This relationship could develop into a particularly deep, trusting relationship.

According to the general dream interpretation, people who work in the creative field and dream of the dream symbol “soul” can also look forward to future recognition and successes be happy.

According to this interpretation approach, caution is only necessary when one’s own soul leaves the body in the dream situation. In this case, the dreamed image warns not to choose the wrong purposes to use. The dream symbol indicates that the dreamer is betraying his personal ethical values.

Dream symbol “soul” – the psychological interpretation

In the psychological interpretation of dreams, the soul is always a symbol for the Dreaming himself. The dream symbol shows which different sides make him up. The specific dream situation provides more precise information about which facets of one’s own personality are particularly important in the sleeper’s life.

According to psychoanalysts, anyone who dreams of talking to others about the soul and its possible immortality has a high level intelligence. The dream symbol “soul” then shows that the dreamer finds fulfillment primarily in intellectual work. However, he always keeps a close eye on himself and his behavior in everyday life. How does he affect others? How do his actions appear to other people?

Dream symbol “soul” – the spiritual interpretation

According to the spiritual interpretation approach, the dream symbol “soul” is always a symbol of immortality.

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