Snowman – dream interpretation

Every winter almost everyone waits for snow. Some may look forward to it with trepidation because they think of traffic chaos and the need to clear the streets. For others, this is the magic of winter. The snow is probably most important for the children. There’s nothing better at this time of year than finally going sledding or building a snowman. No matter whether it is big or small, whether there is a lot or little snow to build on, a snowman is a must.

Is the dream of a snowman just a sign of the desire for snow or a childhood dream? Or does the dream symbol refer to something completely different? How can such a dream be interpreted?

Dream symbol “snowman” – the general interpretation

The general dream interpretation interprets the dream symbol “snowman” primarily as an invitation to the dreamer. This should be in a specific matter in the waking world cold-blooded be and act wisely. Then everything will be arranged according to his wishes. Generally speaking, the sight of a snowman in a dream indicates a rather cold partner in waking life. In this context, the dream symbol can also be used as one warning It should be understood that the dreamer is too callous towards other people.

If the dreamer builds a snowman in his dream, he should leave his feelings out of his waking life. For him it is important in his current life situation emotionless to act and rely only on your mind. Only in this way will he make the right decisions, even if it seems very cold at the moment. If the dreamer wants to build a snowman in his dream and the snow is too hard for that, this can indicate a very unpleasant new beginning for him. The general dream interpretation interprets a melting snowman as a dream symbol as the softening of a hardened heart.

Dream symbol “snowman” – the psychological interpretation

From a psychological point of view, the dreamer himself is the snowman that he builds in his dream. Against this background, he receives the hint that he is more towards his partner warmth and should show kindness. He has been treating him very coldly lately and should now think more about his partner’s feelings again. However, if the snowman in the dream has already been built, the dream symbol wants to show that the dreamer is treated coldly by his relationship partner and that the partner shows little interest in him. The dreamer should therefore seek conversation with his partner and clarify this topic.

Dream symbol “snowman” – the spiritual interpretation

On the spiritual level of dream interpretation, the snowman as a dream symbol can be a symbol of spiritual peace and represent calm.

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