Snowflake – dream interpretation

If snow falls outside, many people are happy. Snowflakes are particularly fascinating for children and they often try to catch the snowflakes with their tongues. But for many people, snowflakes have their own magic and their crystalline structure also offers a special beauty.

But what can it mean if you dream of a snowflake? Do you just long for winter and snow? Or is there perhaps more to it?

Dream symbol “snowflake” – the general interpretation

If a single snowflake appears in the dream, then, according to general dream analysis, the dreamer is supposed to have it uniqueness of a special new beginning in the waking world. In waking life he is ready for a new start in a certain matter or in relation to his entire life. This new beginning will also be very drastic and may turn his life upside down.

Several snowflakes as a dream symbol also bring with them a new beginning for waking life. But you can also use an expression for compensatory justice as well as purification and peace. In some cases, such dream content also refers to a worrying situation that the dreamer has already anticipated. A snowflake dream can also show the dreamer’s belief that he can achieve relief from a disturbing situation by starting over.

According to general dream interpretation, the dream image of a snowflake sometimes also heralds the beginning of a problem difficulties on, be careful with financial transactions.

If you see snowflakes falling on existing snow in your dream, this can reflect the sleeper’s desire for clarity in the waking world. He may find himself in a life situation that he has not yet fully understood.

Dream symbol “snowflake” – the psychological interpretation

The fact that snowflakes are made of crystallized water is of crucial importance for the psychological interpretation of the dream symbol “snowflake”. Because against this background, the dream image of the snowflake is interpreted to mean that an idea or something will soon come Plan becomes concrete. A specific plan is no longer in the discovery phase, but will soon be implemented accordingly.

If the snowflakes melt in front of the sleeper’s eyes in a dream, he should realize that his fears or certain obstacles in waking life will soon disappear on their own. The “snowflake” symbol can also appear in dreams if you have problems with your life in the waking world emotional world has. The dreamer should take a closer look at his current emotional state. A lot of snowflakes as a dream image can also warn of oppression.

Dream symbol “snowflake” – the spiritual interpretation

Viewed from a transcendent point of view, the dream symbol “snowflake” can be seen as a sign of purity and beauty can be understood. The dreamer should also be able to recognize these in spiritual things.

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