Snowball fight – dream interpretation

Finally there is snow. What could be nicer than building a snowman and having a fun snowball fight? This is probably the case primarily with children. But even the adults can’t escape the magic of the snow and are only too happy to be persuaded to have a snowball fight.

But what about the dream of a snowball fight? How can this be interpreted? Do we dream about it because we finally long for one again? Or could there be something else hidden behind this dream symbol? How does dream interpretation interpret such a dream?

Dream symbol “snowball fight” – the general interpretation

The general dream interpretation interprets the dream symbol “snowball fight” as a sign of childlike enthusiasm and happy times. In addition, a snowball fight in a dream asks the dreamer not to allow themselves to be persuaded to do evil deeds in the waking world. He should be careful and stick to his good morals.

If the dreamer is hit by a very hard snowball during a snowball fight in the dream, it is generally shown to him that he will have a big one in the waking world coldness is met.

If the dreamer forms icy or hard snowballs for the dream snowball fight, he behaves coldly and dismissively towards the people in his immediate surroundings. He should overcome this and approach other people with more kindness.

If the dreamer enjoys taking part in a snowball fight in the dream, he will soon have interesting things in his waking life Friendships before. However, if he does not want to take part in a snowball fight in the dream, the dream symbol should show him that he places little value on interpersonal relationships. He would rather be by himself and spend little time in the company of other people.

Dream symbol “snowball fight” – the psychological interpretation

Psychologically speaking, the dream symbol “snowball fight” gives the dreamer one request his unconscious. He should come out of his loneliness in the waking world and relax among nice people. Because in the long run his “hermitism” will cause him psychological damage. The snowball fight in the dream can also indicate a certain level of competition among close friends.

According to psychological dream interpretation, a funny snowball fight as a dream symbol is a symbol of the discharge after a disturbing experience. The dreamer experienced something in his waking life that unsettled him deep down. He has now gradually come to terms with this and can now return to the happy side of his life.

Dream symbol “snowball fight” – the spiritual interpretation

The dream symbol “snowball fight” symbolizes, according to spiritual dream interpretation spiritual joy and satisfaction.

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