Smoke – dream interpretation

Smoke is created when something burns, for example wood on a campfire or the tobacco from a cigarette, pipe or shisha. Some candles produce a lot of soot, producing smoke. With an incense stick, it is the smoke that first develops the scent.

Smoke has both practical and spiritual significance. Foods such as fish, for example mackerel, or meat have been preserved by smoking for thousands of years. Indians used to communicate using smoke signals. Beekeepers sometimes use smoke when working on the hive. At the end of the papal election, white smoke rises. However, smoke can also be toxic and can obscure your vision and your breath in the event of a fire.

“Where there is smoke, there is fire”, says a saying. What this means is that there is always a grain of truth in a rumor.

If someone dreams of smoke, they may be afraid that there is a fire somewhere, possibly in their own home. The smoke may also arise in the dream in connection with a barbecue, a fireplace or an industrial kitchen. Then the dreamer probably perceives the smoke as a pleasant side effect. The interpretation of the dream depends on the exact dream image. Is the smoke light or dark, does it bite your eyes or does it slowly dissipate?

Dream symbol “smoke” – the general interpretation

As a dream symbol, thick smoke points to one unclear situation there. If the clouds restrict the view, this is an indication that the dreamer is not seeing through a situation. If the smoke causes a headache, in dream research this is a signal that the dreamer is suffering from their current living conditions, which can ultimately lead to actual impairment of health.

The dream symbol “smoke” can also fears and Doubt symbolize. In popular dream interpretation, black, acrid smoke in particular heralds disputes and unpleasant developments. White smoke, on the other hand, represents happiness and friendly reception from other people.

According to dream analysis, smoke in or above the house is a warning about illnesses or bad-minded people who harass the dreamer. If it rises from a chimney or a forge, the dream symbol is a symbol of happiness, harmony and domestic peace.

In popular dream interpretation, however, smoke from an oven heralds tears of sadness and disappointment. It is a lucky omen if the smoke clears in a dream. Even if a situation seems difficult, you will get it under control in the end.

If you smoke your house with sulfur in a dream, you are asked to order and structure your life in the waking world. Wearing a respirator to protect yourself from smoke can be seen as a warning of a verbal attack in waking life.

Dream symbol “smoke” – the psychological interpretation

From a psychological point of view, the dream symbol “smoke” is a unconscious feeling, which is supposed to warn the dreamer. His subconscious alerts him to a situation that can cause him psychological harm. In order to arrive at a clear interpretation of the dream, the dreamer should make it clear to himself whether the dark associations with the dream symbol say something about his personal psychological state. Maybe he’s leaning towards it at the moment Sadness.

The negative aspect of smoke can also refer to people who put psychological pressure on the dreamer. If the smoke gradually dissipates in the dream, this is an expression in the dream interpretation that he can solve or at least control the conflictual situations.

In addition, the dream symbol is also a sign of cleaning. The subconscious may also use the smoke in the dream to drive away negative thoughts and moods.

Dream symbol “smoke” – the spiritual interpretation

Smoke rises into the sky and, in spiritual dream interpretation, symbolizes the ascending soul, a prayer or a sacrifice.

The dream symbol stands for transformation and on the transcendental level sacred ceremonies. For the dreamer, this means that he can establish a connection to the spiritual world through concentration and purity.

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