smack your lips – dream interpretation

“Don’t smack your lips like that!” – While smacking is viewed as inappropriate and rather unseemly behavior in our culture, it is certainly valued in other cultures. Here, loud slurping and clicking while eating are even considered a compliment.

But what exactly is smacking? As a rule, smacking sounds are caused by the closing and rapid opening of the lips and tongue. This is particularly common with children, who shovel their food with pleasure and without even considering proper behavior at the table. But you also see or hear such eating behavior from time to time in adults.

smack your lips - dream interpretation

However, we can also encounter smacking in a different context. Because the smacker is colloquially used as another name for a kiss.

Therefore, even on the dream level, smacking can be interpreted in the sense of kissing.

Dream symbol “smack” – the general interpretation

Generally speaking, smacking in a dream can warn against embarrassing yourself in waking life. Especially if the dreamer smacks his lips in his sleep, he should protect himself from a self-inflicted injury Exposure beware. Sometimes this dream image can also refer to vicious longings that it is better not to implement.

If the dreamer hears another person smacking his lips in his dream, he may be in trouble Trouble and quarrels caused by the immorality of others. Anyone who smacks their lips while eating or munching in their dream may need to deal with their sexual needs, which have not yet been satisfied.

According to general dream analysis, slurping soup can be interpreted positively. Because the dreamer can look forward to good health and prosperity. Noisy chewing in a dream often indicates that one is worried about the mistakes or misdeeds of others overlook should. Because only then will you achieve your own peace of mind, happiness and success.

Smacking in connection with a certain food or meal can make it clear that the dreamer is dealing with a certain aspect or experience in his life difficulties has. He may not be able to accept them as he probably should.

If smacking during sleep is understood more in the sense of kissing or kissing, this can be due to the affection refer to what you feel towards other people. If the sleeper himself is kissed, he should usually become aware that he is valued by others because of his nature and his abilities.

Dream symbol “smack” – the psychological interpretation

On the psychological level of dream interpretation, the dream image “smacking” is often used as an expression for erotic or sexual desires viewed. Smooching can refer to the desire for a union and often symbolizes the achievement of absolute happiness.

If the dreamer smacks his lips in his sleep while eating, it may be clear to him that in the waking world he is concerned with the satisfaction of himself emotional desires should care.

Hearing smacking sounds, such as those from an animal, in most cases symbolizes a more instinctual behavior on the part of the sleeper. He might want to look into this more closely in the real world.

Dream symbol “smack” – the spiritual interpretation

The transcendent dream interpretation sees the symbol “smacking” in the sense of a kiss in the dream as a symbol of one blessing in the spiritual area, which the dreamer longs for in waking life.

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