sleepwalking – dream interpretation

When sleepwalking, the sleeper gets up and walks around or appears to perform certain actions. However, he is not awake and after a short time the sleepwalker usually returns to bed. If you get up frequently at night without consciously experiencing it, you may have problems getting out of bed early in the morning and oversleep.

sleepwalking - dream interpretation

Sleepwalking, technically known as “somnambulism,” is much more common in children than in adults: while only one to two percent of adults sleepwalk chronically and regularly, the figure is ten to thirty percent in children. However, the phenomenon usually disappears with the onset of puberty. It can happen that you walk around at night only once in your life and then never again.

It used to be believed that the moon had an influence on this behavior, which is why it was also called “moon addiction” (= “lunatism”). Today it is believed that sleepwalking can be triggered by external stimuli such as a full bladder. Another reason is that the central nervous system is not yet fully mature, especially in children and adolescents.

If someone dreams of sleepwalking, they may have actually done this in their childhood. Maybe he’s afraid he might hurt himself. Or he sees someone else walking around sleeping and worries about that person. The other circumstances in the dream play a central role in dream interpretation.

Dream symbol “sleepwalking” – the general interpretation

The dream symbol “sleepwalking” represents one in popular dream interpretation warning The dreamer unintentionally agrees to something that, after careful consideration, he would rather not want. Perhaps in real life he is about to agree to an agreement that would entail great disadvantages for him. If you dream of yourself as a sleepwalker, there is a real danger from a difficult situation or from bad people.

In traditional dream interpretation, a dream about sleepwalking can also be understood as a request to close your eyes reality to open up and take responsibility for your own actions. With the unconscious actions in this state, the dream symbol of walking around at night sometimes draws attention to characteristics and abilities that the sleeper is not so aware of. This also applies if you want to wake up in a dream but just can’t wake up.

According to general dream analysis, the dream image also shows “sleepwalking”. Problems which the dreamer has with other people or with his own traits. He may be indifferent to those around him or have little appreciation for them. As a result, everyday relationships suffer and this leads to dissatisfaction.

Try to remember whether you were wearing shoes or not when you dreamed about sleepwalking. If you are barefoot and without shoes in your dream, you may have problems with your health, but you will be able to get them under control again. However, not wearing shoes in the dream world also indicates that you are in danger of losing your down-to-earth attitude.

Walking in a dream and – untypically – wearing shoes signals as a dream image that you are unsure about your own point of view and your development in life. Which way is the right one? Tightly laced shoes when sleepwalking indicate future security, high shoes with wobbly heels indicate increasing insecurity.

Plays while dreamwalking Full moon a role, the dream image promises happiness in every respect. However, the symbol warns the “moonstruck” dreamer not to become immodest. Even if his successes are based on his own achievements, he should be careful not to overestimate himself.

Anyone who wakes up from a dream in which they were sleepwalking will achieve new personal developments and insights. In order to be able to name these and use them for your own benefit, it helps to analyze the entire dream event: Where did you see yourself sleepwalking? Did you meet people or pick up objects? What did it feel like to watch yourself sleepwalking – or was someone else wandering? What is your relationship with this person like in reality?

Dream symbol “sleepwalking” – the psychological interpretation

In dream analysis, the dream symbol “sleepwalking” refers to several different aspects. On the one hand, it should be understood as an invitation to get involved alert mind to face current problems. The subconscious directs attention to hidden feelings and fears. In the dream, the sleeper begins to deal with them.

According to psychological dream interpretation, sleepwalking also indicates one Lack towards awareness. The dreamer may move through life with a sleepwalking certainty. However, he does not pay full attention to important events or people. The dream image makes it clear that he is missing out on many opportunities, including in the interpersonal area.

If you, as a sleepwalker, feel attracted to the moonlight in your dream, the dream symbol “sleepwalking” embodies this femininity. According to dream analysis, previously unknown emotions come to consciousness in male dreamers. In a woman’s dream, the ability to act intuitively comes to light.

The dream image also represents uncertainties and in the psychological interpretation of dreams Inhibitions which in real life lie dormant in the darkness of the subconscious. Sleepwalking in a dream is a symbol of acceptance and active management of mental problems.

Dream symbol “sleepwalking” – the spiritual interpretation

On the level of spiritual dream interpretation, the dream symbol “sleepwalking” represents the discovery of one’s own unknown, dark side. The dreamer recognizes his feminine, magical ones Forces.

Night represents death. “Ghosting around” in sleep is a sign of change, growth and rebirth.

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