Sleeping car – dream interpretation

Sleeping cars are compartments in trains in which the seats can easily be converted into beds.

Traveling in a sleeping car is considered particularly comfortable and luxurious.

Sleeping car - dream interpretation

This is not least due to the fact that the tickets are relatively expensive. In a sleeping car, travelers are not only offered the nightly journey in a bed, but often there are also small bathrooms in the compartments and breakfast is served in the morning.

When we sleep, we usually find ourselves in a bed that is on solid ground. But it happens that we find ourselves in a completely different place in our dreams, namely in such a sleeping car. As a dream symbol it then has a special meaning. – But which?

Dream symbol “sleeping car” – the general interpretation

Anyone who rides on a train in a dream symbolically finds themselves on their own Life journey. However, the stay in a sleeping car takes place at night, you cannot see outside and you will probably even sleep through the longest part of the journey.

Against this background, the sleeping car as a dream symbol can warn not to lose sight of certain things. The person affected is probably very focused on their long-term goals in everyday life. However, he forgets to live in the present and to savor the individual moments of his “journey”. Even if life is often stressful, you should see the dream about the sleeping car as an invitation to occasionally allow yourself time for rest and reflection.

Since traveling in a wagon with sleeping accommodation is often associated with the feeling of luxury, the symbol sometimes also refers to Greed for money. In this case, material things are very important to the dreamer. In order to increase his possessions, he also tends to unusual principles and ways of acting. This makes him anything but sympathetic to his fellow human beings. He should definitely try to control himself better.

In rare cases, in the dream situation you are not actually in a train car to spend the night, but on it. According to popular belief, the roof of a sleeping car is a place of refuge. In their everyday lives, the person affected is surrounded by people who sometimes threaten to get on their last nerve. Unfortunately, it is difficult to always avoid such people. However, they will hardly have any significance for your own life path.

Dream symbol “sleeping car” – the psychological interpretation

In the psychological interpretation of dreams, staying in a sleeping car indicates that the person concerned important stations missed in his own life. He rests too much on the successes of his past and enjoys the luxury that comes with it. As a result, he overlooks opportunities that arise for his future.

Dream symbol “sleeping car” – the spiritual interpretation

According to the spiritual interpretation approach, a sleeping car represents the need for one new beginnings. On the basis of this, the dreamer will finally be able to describe and determine his goals.

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