sleep- dream interpretation

Every person has to sleep. On average, Germans sleep around seven hours a day. However, in order to feel rested and fit, everyone needs a different amount of sleep. A short riser may jump out of bed after just five hours, while a long riser often still has to drag himself out of bed like a sloth after nine hours and often oversleeps.

sleep - dream interpretation

Some people almost always sleep very deeply and soundly, almost like a marmot; Noise and light usually don’t bother these people much. Other people, on the other hand, are much more sensitive and need complete darkness in the room and, if possible, no noise to sleep.

The windows must then be well darkened with curtains, blinds or blinds. Nevertheless, they tend to toss and turn and get up frequently at night; Some even sleepwalk and wander around their apartment unconsciously at night. Many people also snore while they sleep.

Sleeping means rest and time for the body to regenerate and recharge in a phase of exhaustion. Sleeping mostly happens at night and rarely during the day – unless you work shifts or need a nap every now and then to get through everyday life.

Unfortunately, we often only realize how important resting is when we lie wide awake on the mattress at night and then feel exhausted the next day. People who sleepwalk can also wake up unrefreshed and find themselves out of bed in the morning. For many people, sleeping in a sleeping bag is rather uncomfortable and not as relaxing as in your own bed, and sleeping in a cabin on a ship also takes some getting used to. The sleeping environment is therefore very important for healthy sleep.

Long-term lack of sleep can have serious health consequences and cause illness. That’s why you should always listen to your body’s signals, put on comfortable pajamas or a nightgown and go to sleep when you’re tired. The situation is similar with hypnosis, a special form of sleep in which a person is in a trance and can be influenced. Such relaxing therapy methods are used to treat illnesses.

But what does it mean if you dream of the dream image “sleeping” while you are sleeping? Have we perhaps “overslept” something in life or how does the dream interpretation interpret this dream symbol? Some people even dream of not being able to wake up from sleep – strange, isn’t it?

The so-called “coitus”, a sophisticated word for sex, also occurs frequently in dreams. Then the dreamer observes other people sleeping together, or he himself even becomes active while sleeping. First, learn what this sex dream often means; Afterwards you can read more about the topic of “sleeping” and its dream interpretation.

Dream symbol “sleep” – The most common dreams about the symbol

Sleeping with someone in the dream world

Sleeping with someone in a dream, i.e. having sexual intercourse, is a symbol of the dreamer’s real desire for a successful love relationship and true fusion with a loved one. These longings can, for example, relate to the real, existing relationship, which, however, no longer satisfies the sleeping person.

The dream sign of sex can also focus on the sleeping person’s ability to only see the good in the waking world and ignore the bad. Anyone who experiences a sex dream with someone other than their partner may long for their strengths.

Dream symbol “sleeping” – the general interpretation

According to general dream interpretation, sleeping in a dream indicates that the subconscious warns against closing one’s eyes too much to reality in waking life. If the dreamer loses himself too much in dreams, he may also tend to no responsibility to take over for his life.

According to general dream interpreters, if you see other people falling asleep, you will soon have something to look forward to. This dream situation can also herald a favorable opportunity. However, you should recognize these in good time so that you don’t miss them.

If it is a person of the opposite sex that we see in our dreams while dozing or sleeping, this promises the dreamer good times love things. So whenever a female dreamer sees a sleeping man and vice versa. Love relationships that already exist will strengthen and gain depth. Looking at your own sleeping person in the dream world promises peaceful times and happiness, as if you were floating above yourself.

If you lie in your own bed or double bed to spend the night, according to dream researchers, it will soon become one Surprise give. Sleeping in bed generally means that you are looking for security. If you sleep in a strange bed, you can feel safe unpleasant relationships to announce.

If you lie down to sleep on the bare floor, this indicates that lean times await the dreamer and that your financial circumstances are not in the best place.

It can also happen that you want to sleep in the dream world, but cannot find a way to lie down to rest. This can also indicate bad times. If there are unusual places that serve as sleeping places, this can indicate illness or disappointments be derived.

Sleeping outside in nature or sleeping on the ground symbolizes in a dream that you have a big one Desire for freedom felt. Social norms stress the dreamer or the person who sleeps this way in the dream.

Sleeping in the basement shows that the person is dealing with their subconscious. Sleeping in the car indicates a lack of drive in the waking world. The person concerned currently lacks the motivation necessary to sort things out responsibly.

Sleeping soldiers, for example in a barracks, can be a dream image that calls for greater concentration in waking life.

If you sleep with your partner and have sex in a dream, you can be assured of good and constant relationships in real life Friendships be happy.

Dream symbol “sleep” – the psychological interpretation

Anyone who dreams of finally having a long snooze also has this in real everyday life Quiet and relaxation is urgently needed. The dreamer should recognize where he is asking too much of himself and for his own sake “switch back a gear”.

In this context, the dream symbol “sleep” can be an important signal for him to listen more consciously to his body and recognize stress in good time. If he learns to switch off better, this will also be very beneficial to his health.

According to psychological approaches, the dream image of “sleeping” can also be understood as a shaking up. The dreamer should finally wake up and tackle his life and everything to which he closes his eyes. Sleep can occur in this context Escape behavior However, a sleep dream can also show us that we are missing important things. We “sleep through” life, so to speak.

However, if you sleep well in your dream world, you won’t have a guilty conscience in your waking life. Just as the saying goes: “A clear conscience is a gentle cushion of peace.”

Dream symbol “sleep” – the spiritual interpretation

In the spiritual sense of dream interpretation, the dream image symbolizes “sleeping”. immortality of the human soul and the endless possibilities to learn and develop on a spiritual level.

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