Slap in the face – dream interpretation

When we get a slap in the face, it usually not only hurts physically, but it also inflicts emotional pain on us. Someone is angry with us, disapproves of our behavior, or wants to punish us for something.

With a slap in the face, the angry person hits the other person on the cheek and ear with the flat of his hand, so that there is a bang. Since the area hit usually swells and can then become the size of a fig, this type of blow is simply called a “slap in the face”.

A strong slap in the face can even bring the person hit to the ground. Children in particular often still receive a slap in the face from their parents as a form of education. Although slapping children or young people in the face is an illegal act of violence, it is still used within one’s own four walls, as well-intentioned words bounce off many children without any effect and the parents see no way out. Instead of being patient, there is a slap on the bottom or in the face. However, since 2000, beatings as a means of education have been prohibited by law and are considered bodily harm – even if it is “just” a light slap.

Likewise, women often defend themselves with a slap in the face against men who cheat on them or assault them.

It happens that people get a slap in the face in a dream or even slap someone in the face. Especially if the second case occurs, i.e. we dream of slapping someone in the face, this often triggers self-doubt afterwards.

But what can it mean if we become violent in a dream? Let’s take a closer look at the different dream situations and the corresponding interpretation aspects.

Dream symbol “slap” – the general interpretation

Anyone who falls victim to an act of violence such as a slap in the face in a dream should view this as an invitation own behavior to reconsider. According to general opinion, the affected person tends to treat others unfairly, to exploit those around them or to behave inconsiderately. The dreamed whistle is intended to make him aware that he will ultimately receive the “just punishment” for this.

It is important that the person concerned realizes that even with pure selfishness they will not necessarily be able to achieve their goals in the long term, but in any case they run the risk of being alone one day. He too will have moments when he needs the help of those around him.

At the same time, however, in certain cases, slaps in the face in a dream can indicate less your own wrongdoing and more about it malicious people in the dreaming environment. Maybe someone who claims to be a friend actually has negative intentions and will disappoint him greatly.

If you hit a child in the dream world, this gives conclusions about the dreamer’s own inner conflict with himself. If the victim is already a teenager, the sleeper’s problems are more profound; If you have recurring nightmares, it is recommended that you seek advice from a medical professional.

If in the dream you are not the one who is being beaten, but rather you give someone else a slap on the cheek, this can also refer to inappropriate actions. According to the general interpretation, this symbolizes the problem that the person affected has a less targeted way of dealing with problems. His solutions should definitely be reconsidered.

Dream symbol “slap” – the psychological interpretation

In the psychological interpretation of dreams, a slap in the face is also used as a sign Act understood that this is not always good for other people. The person affected sometimes does not pay enough attention to the needs of those around them, even those of their friends and family members.

According to psychoanalysts, a dreamed slap in the face should therefore be understood as an urgent invitation to deal with this problem and work on yourself. This is the only way you can lead a balanced, harmonious life and also put your soul into it inner balance find back.

If one perceives a pipe received in a dream as coercion, then something has recently happened in the dream world that has burdened the sleeper. A attack from the outside on his person has not yet been sufficiently processed.

Dream symbol “slap” – the spiritual interpretation

A slap in the face can be one in a spiritual dream inner pain, symbolize an inner torment. The dreamer longs for salvation.

PS: In Bavarian, the ear whistle or cheek whistle is called Watsche.

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