Skull – dream interpretation

The skull consists of around 22 individual bones, the so-called cranial bones, and is part of the human skeleton. In anatomy, the skull is also divided into a cerebral skull and a facial skull. The facial skull forms the bony basis of the face. It also shapes the eye, mouth and nasal cavities.

Skull - dream interpretation

Based on specific characteristics, a distinction can also be made between male and female skulls. The male skull is generally larger and has a more powerful bone structure. The female skull, on the other hand, has a narrower nose and a more pronounced frontal and parietal hump.

This distinction can also be important in dreams. Because this can provide further clues about the message of the dream. Or perhaps it was the skull of a child or an animal.

Dream symbol “skull” – the general interpretation

The general dream interpretation sees the symbol “skull” as one warning to the dreamer to be honest in waking life and to look at things soberly. He shouldn’t allow himself to be influenced by too much sentimentality. In addition, this dream image can bring trouble for the waking world. One should prepare for a competitor to strike back.

Anyone who sees a skull lying on the ground in a dream will be able to complete a certain project happily and successfully in the real world. If the sleeper finds a skull in a dream while digging, he can worry about one financial gain or look forward to an inheritance. Grinning skulls as a dream symbol represent bad business and family conflicts.

For the general interpretation of the dream image “skull” it is also of interest whose head was seen in the dream. If you see the severed head of a friend in a dream, in your waking life this friend will stab you in the back out of envy. The sight of your own skull as a dream symbol refers to remorse that persecute the person concerned. If a person is scalped in the dream world, i.e. his scalp and hair are removed, as the Indians once did, bad news may come to the sleeper.

The skull of an animal in a dream can have implications for waking life Changes entail. It should also be noted what kind of animal it is and the corresponding dream symbol should be used. A woman’s skull as a dream image can indicate the dreamer’s ability to express themselves, while a man’s skull in sleep can symbolize energy.

If the skull is seen in the dream as a skull with crossbones underneath, according to general dream analysis, this warns of impending danger. Since the skull can also stand for the head in a dream, such a dream can also intellectual abilities of the dreamer.

Dream symbol “skull” – the psychological interpretation

On the psychological level of dream interpretation, the dream symbol “skull” can indicate that the sleeper is… Structure became aware of his life. If you see another person’s skull in a dream where the head should actually be, it shows you that part of that person has died.

The psychological interpretation of dreams sees speaking to a skull in a dream as an expression of the dreamer’s desire to speak to someone he has lost.

On the other hand, if the skull speaks to the dreamer in his sleep, this occurs in the waking world Character trait to the fore that has previously been rejected or denied. It would be advisable to take a closer look at this part of your personality and adopt it into your life.

Dream symbol “skull” – the spiritual interpretation

If you look at the dream symbol “skull” from a spiritual perspective, you will see that this dream image refers to the Tod and everything related to it refers.

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