Ski jump – dream interpretation

In military terms, the term redoubt can be used to describe a part of a fortress or fortification. This term is also found in winter sports, where it is used to name the jump facility for ski jumping.

Ski jump - dream interpretation

A distinction is also made between these two meanings on the dream level. That is why you should pay close attention to what kind of ski jump was seen in the dream.

In addition, the surrounding circumstances play an important role in the interpretation of this dream image and should therefore also be taken into account.

Dream symbol “ski jump” – the general interpretation

If the jump is seen in the dream as part of a fortification, this dream warns according to the general dream interpretation dangerous friends. It would therefore be advisable to take a closer look at your friendships in the waking world to find out who wants to harm you.

Digging a ski jump as a dream image usually brings adventure and excitement with it in waking life. If you see a protective wall in a dream that connects several redoubts with each other, the sleeper should small obstacles become aware in his life. But he will overcome this easily. The ski jump as a fortification in the dream can also symbolize the dreamer’s desire for security and protection.

In the area of ​​winter sports, the symbol “ski jump” can be seen as a ski jump in a dream, according to general dream analysis skill of the dreamer in the physical area. Anyone who climbs a ski jump in their dream should realize that they will slowly but surely achieve their goals in life.

If the dreamer jumps down a mountain with his skis, it is illustrated to him that in waking life he is focusing on his own Kraft and abandons his abilities. If he manages to land safely in the dream, he will be successful through this behavior. An unsafe or unsuccessful landing in this context can indicate certain insecurities on the part of the sleeper.

Dream symbol “ski jump” – the psychological interpretation

On the psychological level of dream interpretation, the ski jump as a fortress or part of a bulwark can indicate reduced self-esteem, fears or even while sleeping Inhibitions refer. The dreamer feels insecure in his current life situation or he cannot deal with a certain situation or issue. His interpersonal relationships may be disrupted and he may feel lonely or isolated.

According to the psychological interpretation of dreams, building a ski jump in a dream can indicate an inner rebellion on the part of the sleeping person towards an important realization regarding his personality. If the wall of the redoubt is destroyed in the dream, certain expectations of the dreamer will not be fulfilled in waking life.

Jumping from a ski jump in winter as a dream symbol can indicate rapid and daring progress on the part of the dreamer. However, this dream image should also make him aware that he has to expect coldness and envy due to his success. The sight of a jumping facility in a dream can also understanding symbolize that it is easy to go down in life, but even harder to go up.

Dream symbol “ski jump” – the spiritual interpretation

The spiritual interpretation of dreams sees the symbol “Schanze” as part of a defense system as a reference to the mental protection mechanisms of the dreamer. He should check these from time to time to find out whether his self is still protected. He should also reconsider which protection mechanisms are still necessary.

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