Silhouette – dream interpretation

A silhouette refers to a silhouette, i.e. the outline of an objective or human contour that stands out darkly like a shadow against a light background. Even a paper cut creates a silhouette.

Paper is manipulated with scissors in such a way that it ultimately creates a recognizable silhouette as a silhouette. Paper cuts are usually made in black on a light background, so that it looks like an actual silhouette to the viewer.

Silhouette - dream interpretation

The dream image “shadow crack” can also appear in our dream world in very different ways. Find out what this can mean for you below.

Dream symbol “shadow crack” – the general interpretation

In general dream interpretation, the dream image “cracked shadow” sometimes comes with one warning symbolism to. The dreamer may be in an uncertain life situation from which he needs to find a way out as quickly as possible. The dream interpretation advises keeping a clear head so that one can objectively make the right decisions in order to resolve the matter.

If you see your own silhouette in your dream, this can indicate sorrowful times. These may be closely related to certain people. If you want to avoid stressful and painful experiences, you should reduce contact with these people as quickly as possible. The silhouette of objects appears as a dream sequence fears there. However, the reason for this is not an actual threat, but rather something from which the dreamer feels purely subjectively at risk.

If you sit in the silhouette of a certain person, you could be betrayed by that person in your waking life. However, if you do not recognize the person, it is advisable to monitor your social environment particularly critically in the near future.

Dream symbol “shadow crack” – the psychological interpretation

The dream symbol “shadow crack” – similar to the dream image of the shadow – points to parts of the personality that have not been accepted. Every person has different characteristics. Some he was born with, others he adopted over the course of his life.

The silhouette as a dream image shows the dreamer that there are sides of him that he himself considers dark and unlovable. The dream symbol can also be a reference to oppressed people Feelings of guilt be.

According to psychological opinion, seeing a silhouette in a dream also leads to the assumption that one believes that one cannot cope on one’s own in real life. This insecurity may be due to a lack of courage or excessive fear. The dreamer must be careful not to get lost in fantasies.

In this context, the dream symbol “shadow crack” can also mean a small thing self-esteem Clues. In real life, dreamers may often have the feeling that they are always on the dark side of life. If you see silhouettes due to a shadow play being performed, you should understand this as a warning against scheming and devious people.

Dream symbol “shadow crack” – the spiritual interpretation

In a spiritual context, the dream image “shadow crack” shows the dreamer access to his unconscious and rejected parts of the soul and calls on him to bring light into the spiritual darkness.

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