Shore – dream interpretation

There are banks on all bodies of water: seas, lakes, rivers and streams. Natural banks are usually overgrown with all sorts of plant species that like moisture, such as poplar trees. The bank of a stagnant body of water can be walked around so that the pond or pond does not represent an obstacle between the opposite banks.

To get from one side of the river to the other, you need a bridge, a ferry or a boat. The greatest distance lies between the sea shores. Nevertheless, people have been overcoming them for thousands of years and setting off on ships to new shores. The shore can be a salvation when you are in the water. However, it also represents a limitation: things that are no longer in the right direction are “boundless”. Especially when it comes to negative things, people fear that they could “get out of hand”.

If you dream of being on a bank, you may be enjoying the view of the adjacent body of water. A sunset on the seashore awakens romantic feelings and longings, a view of the hustle and bustle on a river is a relaxing pastime.

The condition of the shore is important for dream interpretation. Is it rocky or sandy? Flat or hilly? But the actions of the dreamer themselves also provide information about the dream.

Dream symbol “shore” – the general interpretation

The dream symbol “shore” is a sign in dream interpretation new insights. In the dream, it marks the boundary to one’s own self that needs to be crossed in order to get to know oneself better. But new paths in the world of life also need to be taken.

Sometimes the dreamer still has to reach the safe shore. In dream interpretation, this means that he has to face his problems and overcome the difficulties. A crossing from bank to bank signals one Danger, which the sleeper has not yet recognized. If a ship or boat cannot dock on the shore but needs a dock such as a jetty, the dreamer will probably soon have a good time.

In dream interpretation, it is significant which body of water is bordered by the dream symbol “shore”. A river bank shows that the dreamer is afraid of certain developments that are currently determining his life. Maybe he needs a feeling of Securitybecause he knows that life is dynamic and nothing stays the same.

If you look at a lake or the sea from the shore in a dream, you don’t need to be afraid of the future. The bank itself is also interesting. If it is a concrete border, the dream symbol points to one limited personality hin.

If the shore is inaccessible in the dream, it represents an obstacle and, according to dream interpretation, may indicate a deep-rooted problem in the dream. A bank of a babbling stream, on the other hand, embodies the passing of beautiful hours. A classic bridge with pillars that connects two banks in a dream makes the dream symbol a sign of overcoming a gap. A suspension bridge used to cross a river symbolically suggests Insecurities and dependencies. The dreamer doesn’t trust himself enough.

If a bird such as an ibis is seen sleeping on the bank of a body of water, this may possibly indicate the determination indicate with which the dreamer wants to realize his desires. If the dream rides along the bank on horseback, the dream symbol is an indication that he is above things and that they do not represent an obstacle for him. On the other hand, if you are walking on a bank in a dream, you have to exert more energy. However, the effort will be worth it.

Dream symbol “shore” – the psychological interpretation

As a dream symbol in dream interpretation, the shore stands for the mind, which limits and guides the feeling embodied in the water. It is the symbol external reality, while water is a symbol of spiritual reality. The dream can indicate a conflict situation that exists in real life between rational thinking and emotional action.

If the bank on the other side of the water can be seen from the dreaming point of view, in the dream interpretation this represents overcoming the conflict. In the dream it symbolically represents the saving bank, the solution to the problems.

In dream interpretation, the dream symbol “shore” is the border between consciousness and subconscious. The relationship between these two forms of the ego is reflected in the condition and nature of the bank in the dream. If the water washes over it, the unconscious emotions dominate.

If the bank is made of concrete, the mind suppresses the dreamer’s feelings. Both lead to one-sidedness and prevent a balanced psyche. Ideally you should Feeling and Mind harmonize with each other, external reality should give support and security to the mental life.

As a dream symbol, a muddy bank with soft ground is an indication of an easily influenced personality. In dream interpretation, solid ground is a sign of mental stability.

Dream symbol “shore” – the spiritual interpretation

On the spiritual level, the dream symbol “shore” marks the Border between the material and spiritual worlds.

In dream interpretation, a flooded bank means the dominance of emotional reality, a concrete one embodies the suppression of feelings and the spirit.

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