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Feces and excrement are often colloquially referred to as shit. This word has a particularly negative connotation and expresses the disgust associated with what is meant. The word is also often used when swearing.

Although one’s own human waste is almost always a taboo topic in society, it still happens that people dream about feces. Then a bowel movement can be experienced in a dream, and symbols such as a toilet, the toilet, a bathtub, a dirty bed, underpants or food can also be seen.

The dream does not always have to cause disgust or be perceived as negative. A child, for example, plays with it freely, holds it in his hand, smears the Aa on his face or even puts his own shit in his mouth because he does not yet feel disgust but rather (a healthy) curiosity about everything new. A child will probably perceive such a dream differently than an adult.

Not only humans, but also animals regularly excrete feces. In the case of farm animals, this feces is usually “disposed of” together with the manure in the field – here it serves as valuable fertilizer.

 ❗ Shit |  Dream interpretation

Therefore, it is not surprising if one sees an animal such as a dog, a cat, a bird, cows or pigs in a dream in connection with the dream symbol “shit”. A rat sometimes appears in nightmares and leaves a ball of excrement behind – then the disgust is often particularly great.

But how exactly can these dreams be interpreted?

As varied as the dream situations surrounding the symbol “shit” can be, their meanings are just as varied. We will first introduce you to the most common dream connections and their symbolism below:

Dream symbol “shit” – The most common dreams about the symbol

Shit and feces: That’s what lies behind the unsavory dream images

In most cases, dreams of feces are perceived as disgusting and repulsive – at the latest after waking up. However, as a dream symbol, shit is considered extremely promising: it heralds great success. In this context, the dream image also represents carelessness, financial gains or even wealth.

Where shit can appear anywhere in a dream

Oops! Dreaming about shit in your underwear

A dream in which you wet your pants is usually perceived as very embarrassing. It is not uncommon for such a dream situation to develop into a true nightmare, especially if it involves diarrhea that leaves the anus. According to the dream interpretation, the fear of losing control is behind this. Worries and burdens can also find expression in the dream of a chair in your underpants. The sleeper cannot properly free himself from these. This has a negative impact on his entire everyday life.

Poop on the shoe… Took a wrong step in the dream

Anyone who dreams of stepping in feces, for example dog poop or bird poop, and having the shit on their shoes should consider who or what is holding them back in life. The dream image suggests that the person concerned cannot currently develop freely.

His further development is hindered by certain circumstances or by another person. The dream is intended to open the sleeper’s eyes and encourage him to draw the necessary conclusions.

Face and body full of shit: what a disgusting dream!

Dreams in which you have shit on your face or body traditionally warn of damage to your reputation. The good opinion that others have about the dreamer is at risk. The sleeper may currently be embarking on daring ventures too often. As a result, his reputation is increasingly deteriorating.

Feces in the dream tub – it’s better not to take a bath here

Basically, a dream in which you see shit in a bathtub symbolizes carelessness. The dreamer can be satisfied with his current life situation. However, if the Kaka contaminates the bath water, you may be too guided by negative thoughts, fears and worries. This could severely limit your own performance.

Shit on the wall: what does the dream mean?

If walls are smeared with excrement in a dream, this refers to the sleeper’s immediate environment. The feelings that accompany the dream situation are crucial here. Disgust and the desire to stay away from the dirty wall as much as possible suggest a strong need for freedom. You feel restricted. Positive or neutral dream emotions show that the sleeper currently feels protected and secure.

The smell of excrement as a dream symbol

Feces don’t really have a fragrant scent. The unpleasant smell or stench of shit still has a positive connotation as a dream image. Anyone who perceives it in their own dreams can look forward to upcoming profits and great financial growth. A project can be completed unexpectedly and successfully.

Bon appetit! Eating shit in a dream

If you ate shit in the dreamed situation, you should take this as a warning. Traditionally, the dream symbol shows that the person concerned is trying to hide something. In this context, he also lies to himself. He does not want to admit a certain problem, worry or difficulty. The dream is intended to make him aware that repression cannot be a long-term solution.

Everything sucks – what a nightmare!

Dreams in which you think or say: “This is all shit!” can indicate that you are currently dissatisfied, sad and unhappy. Nevertheless, the symbol can also herald a positive new beginning. The dream is part of a processing process and initiates changes for the better.

Dreaming of unhappy love – heartbreak included

Love sucks in dreams if, for example, you are rejected or abandoned by your partner. The feelings and hopes that the sleeper still has are disappointed. Symbolically, the dream image is intended to encourage you to question your own behavior, expectations and attitudes. A rethink may be necessary here.

Nasty insults: that’s what they symbolize in dreams

“You are a piece of shit!”: Such nasty insults always have a warning function in traditional dream interpretation. The sleeper must beware of enemy machinations. Not everyone begrudges him his successes. Accordingly, the person affected should think carefully about who they can really trust and who might be up to no good.

Made a mistake in a dream? That’s what lies behind it

If you come to the conclusion in a dream: “I am shit”, the reasons for this should definitely be taken into account. What did you do wrong? Have you cheated? Have you insulted another person or behaved unfairly in an argument with a good friend? Have you perhaps even committed a crime, such as stealing something or killing someone? Self-doubt and dissatisfaction with one’s own situation are often behind such behavior in dreams. The exact circumstances in the dream situation allow concrete conclusions to be drawn in this regard.

Dream symbol “shit” – the general interpretation

The dream interpretation fundamentally sees something positive in the symbol “shit”. It is wealth and Assets. Excreting feces into the toilet symbolizes that the person affected is very wealthy and can be generous with their money. The same applies if you play with shit in a dream.

In retrospect, this situation is often perceived as disgusting and repulsive, but in the dream people are carefree. This may show that he will in the near future no money worries must fear.

In addition, the dream situation of shitting on the toilet promises great success in various areas of your life. However, those affected should also ensure that they still maintain a responsible view of their own financial situation. After all, there is no guarantee that his lucky streak will last forever. Difficult times will await him again one day.

Anyone who sees in a dream how something new grows out of shit and how it transforms should also see the dream as a warning: in this case, the symbol can be an indication that the person concerned is too little sense of responsibility has and himself and his Impulse, his inner urges, cannot control. It is important that he works on this immature attitude and develops a greater sense of duty.

Dream symbol “shit” – the psychological interpretation

From a psychological point of view, the dream symbol “shit” is of great importance. At this level it often stands for Junior, from which the affected person frees himself by excreting shit and urine in the dream. These burdens can be very different: The dream may have recently had private difficulties in a partnership or family life. Maybe a dreamer also has financial or professional worries Stress. In any case, this situation has put an emotional strain on him, but now he will be able to look to the future with more freedom.

If you see yourself wiping away your excrement with water in a dream, this also symbolizes, according to the psychological interpretation of dreams, that although problems exist, they can be solved over time. A pair of pants full of feces that is washed shows the dream symbolism that you will soon be ready to stand on your own two feet self-employed to move through life.

According to psychological opinion, anyone who steps in shit in a dream is also trying to free themselves from something, perhaps from a certain burden in everyday life, but under certain circumstances also from a character trait of their own with which they are not in harmony. However, since the shit sticks to his foot, this symbolizes that the dreamer is not (yet) successful difficulty to overcome and resolve.

Dream symbol “shit” – the spiritual interpretation

According to spiritual belief, shit in a dream symbolizes something negative that the person concerned is affected by solve want, to create more space for your own spirituality in life.

PS: People often search for “shit” on cell phone keyboards because the special characters are difficult to use.

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