☸ Shipwreck – dream interpretation

The most famous shipwreck for most people is probably the sinking of the Titanic in 1912, which was also repeatedly discussed in various films. Another popular film theme is submarines hit by torpedoes, which endanger the lives of the sailors trapped in them.

But what about a shipwreck in a dream? How can this be interpreted? The first question is whether there was a specific trigger for such a dream.

Has there been a news report about a shipwreck or perhaps we’re about to embark on a sea voyage that’s a bit frightening? If this is not the case, not only the dream symbol itself should be used to interpret the dream. All details that became visible in the dream can also provide important information for the interpretation.

Dream symbol “Shipwreck” – the general interpretation

Generally viewed, the dream symbol “shipwreck” is a sign of Failures understood which were caused by obstacles and dangerous situations on the path of life. There is no way around these and the dreamer will inevitably fail because of them in the waking world.

But if the dreamer saves shipwrecked people in his dream, he will be favored by luck and will just escape an emergency. If the dreamer is on a ship in the dream that is currently shipwrecked, he has to prepare for a dangerous situation in the waking world.

If you suffer a shipwreck in a dream or see yourself on a sinking boat, expect the dream in your waking life losses. In addition, under very rare circumstances, his life will be in danger if other dream images in the same dream support this interpretation. If the dreamer sinks into the sea with the ship after a shipwreck, he will soon experience a collapse. However, he will be responsible for this himself.

If the dreamer is a shipwrecked person in the dream who is rescued, he is threatened with losing his property in the waking world. The general dream interpretation interprets drowning after a shipwreck as a dream symbol to mean that the dreamer is protected from a major emergency by helpful people. A shipwreck in the fog refers to an indefinite Dangerwhich threatens the dreamer.

Dream symbol “Shipwreck” – the psychological interpretation

The psychological interpretation of dreams sees one in the dream symbol “shipwreck”. Warning noticethat something spiritual is threatened. If the dreamer can escape the shipwreck in the dream, things will temporarily go badly for him in a certain area of ​​life. However, he will cope with this well and emerge from this situation stronger.

However, if the dreamer goes under in the dream after a shipwreck or sees other people drowning, his soul will suffer damage in the waking world. This has an impact on him as well as on people around him.

Can the dreamer save himself on land after a shipwreck in the dreamfrom a psychological point of view this points to one happy development in a shady matter.

Dream symbol “Shipwreck” – the spiritual interpretation

The dream symbol “shipwreck” can draw attention to one’s concerns on the spiritual level of dream interpretation spiritual needs too busy. Because now is the right time to rediscover and live it out.

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