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In our society, ships are associated with freedom and independence. They allow us to overcome human physical limitations and move on water for an indefinite period of time. After boarding, many people enjoy the seemingly endless expanse of the sea and see using the ship or an ark as a way to escape everyday life.

An old steamboat – “steamer” for short because it is powered by a steam engine – as we know it from the stories with Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn on the Mississippi, represents romance and freedom. There are also large transport and container ships that are important for intercontinental trade. Small private boats sail on lakes and rivers, yachts and luxurious sailing ships dock in front of Monaco. A ferry takes passengers and their vehicles safely from A to B, and a gondola allows you to explore Venice’s waterways. There are many ships, in different sizes and features depending on their purpose.

However, this means of transport, like others, carries risks: ships can get caught in storms, run aground or a fire can break out in a cabin during the journey, initially unnoticed. Staying in a special ship can be similarly risky: a submarine. If the fresh air supply fails or the ship is hit by a torpedo, the crew risks dying in the depths of the sea. The most famous is probably the sinking of the Titanic.

It is also not uncommon for people to feel uncomfortable due to the rocking motion on the water, to become nauseous and to feel seasick while traveling on a boat. Anyone who gets it badly even has to vomit.

Even in dreams, a boat trip can be perceived both positively and negatively. What event did you experience in your sleep in connection with a boat trip? Have you perhaps also seen a lighthouse?

Below you will learn more about the most common dreams about the symbol as well as the exciting interpretation possibilities of general, psychological and spiritual dream interpretation:

Dream symbol “ship” – The most common dreams about the symbol

Seeing a sinking ship in his dreams

The dream symbol “sinking ship” symbolically represents obstacles and dangers on the path of life. These can cause difficulties for the dreamer and possibly lead to the failure of his plans. If the dreamer sees a sinking ship and saves people, there is a possibility that he can ward off disaster. If he finds himself on the sinking ship, he may have to witness a project fall apart.

Sinking cruise ship – what does the dream mean?

If you encounter a sinking cruise ship in your dreams, this symbolizes that there may be a discussion in the near future regarding a conflict within the family or at work. So far, the dispute has been ignored and a discussion has been delayed – but now there is a final clarification. In addition, there may be a reorientation in life.

Ship is boarded in a dream, oh dear!

If you dreamed of an attack on the ship, please look under “Pirates” for the meaning.

Dream symbol “ship” – the general interpretation

Basically, the dream symbol “ship” represents part of the own personality The journey by ship can be considered as the own life path be understood, similar to the jetty that allows you to board the ship. Anyone who steers a ship in a dream sees themselves asserting themselves in life in this way.

If the dreamer is on an unerring journey and has the ship under control as an experienced sailor, this shows that he also has his real life under control and is realizing his wishes and goals. He may be good organized and has no difficulty implementing his plans.

Dreams about ships can also provide information about how the person concerned deals with their own feelings and the emotions of those around them in real life.

At the same time, the dream symbol ship can also represent a wish change to express. Perhaps the dreamer (subconsciously) wants to leave a certain part of his life behind and to come to terms with it. This can also appear in a Viking ship in a dream.

However, if the ship gets into a storm in the dream, or if visibility is obstructed due to fog, this dream is as warning to understand: The person affected should reflect on their desire for change and consider whether they are acting too hastily and might regret it later. The same applies if you see a ferry in a dream.

A sinking or dry ship in a dream should also be understood as a warning: In this case, the subconscious wants to warn the dreamer that he is a specific project didn’t prepare thoroughly enough in real life. For this reason, his plans threaten to fail.

If you can stay afloat in a dreamed shipwreck or even swim to a safe shore, the sinking ship means that your existence is threatened Influences can be removed from the world.

If the dreamer has the feeling of drowning in the dream, in dream interpretation this is a sign of repressed worries and fears. The dream may suffer from a feeling of loss of control due to external obstacles or internal obstacles.

The launching of a ship, as a dream image, can indicate favorable developments and success in the waking world. The mast of a ship can be laid out like a pole and can then point to the good foundation that has been prepared for business success.

If you have to walk across the plank of a ship in your sleep, you should deal with your restless emotional life. Sometimes it takes a pier to get on board. If the sea is calm and the ship moored there is also, happy and enjoyable times will await the dreamer.

According to popular belief, the anchoring of a ship refers to the self-confident nature of the dreamer. Be self-consciousness is extraordinarily large and stable.

Dream symbol “ship” – the psychological interpretation

Even according to the psychological interpretation, a boat trip in a dream represents the own life journey When piloting a ship, various complications can arise, symbolizing the ups and downs of real life. The person affected must learn to master the problems and “to get to the port safely”.

If the departure of a ship is delayed in a dream, this is an expression of a wish: the dreamer longs to do everything right in his life.

In addition, according to the psychological approach to dream interpretation, the type of ship also plays a role: Anyone who dreams of a small – and possibly unsafe – boat runs the risk of becoming lonely in real life. He should try to maintain or establish social contacts.

According to some psychoanalysts, a very large ship in a dream symbolizes the dreamer’s desire to be part of one Community to be or to be able to exist in one’s social role.

Dream symbol “ship” – the spiritual interpretation

According to a spiritual view, the ship in the dream symbolizes the dreamer’s attitude towards the dream Tod. The connection here is the proverbial one “last trip”. In addition, the dream symbol can be for fertility and adventure stand.

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