Shelter – dream interpretation

In times of crisis, shelter, i.e. a home, is very important because having a protective roof over your head can be considered one of the basic human needs. It is therefore hardly surprising if the loss of shelter is perceived as a threat. This fear can occur both in reality and in dreams.

But what exactly is hidden behind the dream symbol “shelter”? What does it mean to point out?

Dream symbol “shelter” – the general interpretation

Generally speaking, the dream symbol “shelter” is a sign of the dreamer’s longing for Schutz and Help in the waking world. But the desire for security can also be illustrated in this dream symbol.

If the dreamer finds a home in the dream, these wishes will come true. If, on the other hand, he remains homeless, the opposite occurs. Sometimes the shelter can be interpreted as a dream symbol but also as a fear dream. This wants to make the dreamer aware that in the waking world he does not feel able to master a certain life situation on his own. He longs for Support and help.

If the dreamer is looking for a home in his dream as a homeless person, the general dream interpretation shows him that he will soon receive support from other people with an unpleasant matter. Finding shelter as a dream symbol warns the dreamer thrifty and diligent to be. Because he may have to start a new life.

If the dreamer loses his shelter in the dream, he should not despair in the waking world. Because this dream situation wants to make it clear to him that everything will ultimately work out for the better, even if he will feel defenseless or helpless in the face of his life circumstances in the near future.

If the dreamer is denied shelter in the dream, he generally receives the indication that he is with a person in waking life Help looking for something that will disappoint him.

Dream symbol “shelter” – the psychological interpretation

The psychological interpretation of dreams sees the search for shelter in the dream as a request to the dreamer to find peace in waking life. He should stop and think of one Pause for thought treat.

The dreamer is very busy in his waking life – both professionally and privately – and should listen to himself. He may also have neglected his own desires recently. He should now keep this in mind so that he can make any changes.

Dream symbol “shelter” – the spiritual interpretation

Within the spiritual interpretation of dreams, the search for shelter in the dream illustrates the dreamer’s desire spiritual help or protection in waking life.

If the dreamer has shelter in his dream, he should realize that he has already found such protection.

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