Sheaves – dream interpretation

Sheaves are bundles made from grain. The ears of the grain stalks are still visible. Several of these sheaves are then put together in the field to form a dieme. Once the stalks were dried into straw, it was taken to the barn and threshed to loosen the grains. In the past, tying sheaves was an integral part of agricultural processes, whereas today many of the steps involved in harvesting grain are carried out by machines.

Sheaves - dream interpretation

Sheaves can also play a role in dream interpretation, for example when people dream of tying them together, seeing or bringing in sheaves.

How can the dream symbol be interpreted and what does it say about the dreamer, their real life and their personality? Let’s take a closer look at the possible interpretations:

Dream symbol “sheaves” – the general interpretation

Sheaves generally play a role in the harvesting of grain. Analogous connections can also be made when sheaves are seen in a dream: they symbolize them in a figurative sense harvest of the dreamer’s life so far, that is, they represent different things he has achieved so far successes in different areas of life.

Anyone who binds sheaves in a dream should therefore see this as a request not to lose sight of what they have achieved, their personal gains. He must hold on to his successes and not allow them to be diminished or lost in retrospect. Rather, he should be proud of what he has already done and achieved in his life.

Bringing sheaves from the field to the barn also symbolizes personal success. Anyone who dreams of the symbol usually has a very traditional sense of values, is diligent, reliable and works hard. The dream includes the announcementthat he will soon be rewarded for this effort and receive his fair and deserved reward.

Anyone who sees bundles of straw lying in front of them in a dream can also take this as a positive sign: they will become one worry-free future have. There will rarely be problems in your real life, so the dreamer can be happy in the long term.

Dream symbol “sheaves” – the psychological interpretation

Psychologically, sheaves symbolize in dreams social ties, which either already exist in the person concerned’s real life or which they wish for. He may want to keep certain people closer to him and minimize the risk of losing those people.

The dreamer may have Angst, to end up alone. In addition, it may also be that the dreamer already feels lonely and longs for a new partner or close new friendships. He wants relationships in his social environment that he can rely on, that give him strength and bring balance to his life.

Dream symbol “sheaves” – the spiritual interpretation

According to the spiritual view, sheaves of grain in a dream symbolize the mother, who nourishes us and provides us with devotion in physical and emotional terms. This is accompanied by the aspect that nurturing mother has an important protective and caring function.

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