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Shaving cuts off unwanted hair without damaging its roots. So you have to shave again and again because the hair grows back.

In the past, ground flints, stone knives, mussel shells and shark teeth were used. Nowadays we have the choice of electric shavers, straight razors or wet razors. One is safer, the other is supposedly more thorough. Men use such equipment to trim their beard hair, cut and trim a mustache or extravagant beard shapes. The three-day beard is particularly easy to care for; as the name suggests, it only needs to be shaved very irregularly.

Modern waterproof electric shavers combine both advantages. Cosmetic products such as foam and gel as well as lotions for treating the skin make shaving an act of well-being. Men don’t just shave off their beards, but also, for example, the hair on their chests and legs. Women also use this method to get rid of their armpit hair and unsightly hairs in the bikini area, and sometimes even a woman’s beard.

For example, if someone dreams of shaving in front of the mirror in the bathroom, they may be dissatisfied with their appearance. Maybe he has neglected himself a bit and would like to regain his well-groomed appearance by shaving. In dream interpretation, the details in the dream provide precise information about the meaning of the dream symbol: Do you shave yourself or someone else? Or are you shaved? Are you perhaps seeing a beautician or a hairdresser?

Now find out the most important interpretations of the dream symbol “shave”. The parts of the body and the people who shave or are shaved are of particular importance:

Dream symbol “shave” – The most common dreams about the symbol

The body part that is shaved in the dream

Shaving armpit hair in dream interpretation

Dreaming about shaving your armpit hair indicates that you will be able to get by with less money in the future. This may be because the dreamer is resetting his priorities in life, for example using the bus instead of the more expensive car. At the same time, clean-shaven armpit skin symbolizes a relationship that is superficial.

Arms shaving in a dream

If your arms are hairy in a dream and are shaved, then there may be financial difficulties in the near future. Keep an eye on circumstances and people that could pose a threat to your belongings. Because the hair on your arm has a protective factor and you give it up when you shave, you also feel vulnerable to financial losses in the waking world.

Dreaming of shaving eyebrows

Anyone who shaves their eyebrows while sleeping is reported to be incurring financial loss. In general dream interpretation, thin or distant eyebrows represent worries and grief – and in reality this usually shows up in relation to money. Pay more attention to your expenses in the near future!

Shaving your face and beard, shaving a woman’s beard in a dream

Did you dream that you shaved your beard or face? As a dream symbol, this shave also indicates a loss in financial terms. Cutting off a beard indicates harm that is intentionally committed. If you shave a woman’s beard in your dreams, then this dream situation symbolizes a risk that the dreamer takes. The same applies if a dreamer dreams of being a barber, although in reality she does not have a beard.

Shave your head, shave your head hair and hair – the interpretation of dreams

You were probably very shocked when you shaved your head bald in your dream, right? As soon as the hair on your head is missing in the dream, this indicates a positive development: you gain knowledge and from now on approach life with more seriousness. Social success can also come about if you part with your head hair in a dream. However, if someone else shaves your bald head, there is a risk of financial difficulties!

Shaving your back while sleeping

If your back is cared for in a dream and freed from hair, a knot will soon be unraveled in the waking world: a stressful phase is slowly coming to an end. The stress decreases and the dreamer can breathe deeply again. At the same time, the freshly shaved back can indicate a secret that the person concerned would like to protect from those around them. This secrecy threatens to be symbolically exposed by shaving.

Shave your intimate area while you sleep

Shaving the intimate area certainly raises questions when waking up from such a dream. In fact, dealing with one’s genitals shows one’s preoccupation with one’s own sexuality. By shaving this area of ​​the body cleanly, the dreamer’s subconscious shows that he or she should deal more with their own sexual desires and – if there is a partnership – also assert them.

Who will shave or shave the dreamer?

A woman shaving in a dream

When a woman is shaving in a dream, the interpretation of the dream depends on the gender of the dreaming person: If a man dreams of shaving a woman, this expresses an unfulfilled sexual longing. If a woman dreams of this situation or if she shaves herself in the dream, she is detaching herself from a certain aspect of her personality. The person affected is currently going through a personal development.

Dreaming of shaving someone

Shaving another person in the dream experience initially seems to be an unusual situation. This dream situation represents a warning: There are people in the dreaming environment who could cause harm. Through their persuasive skills they try to harm the person concerned financially. You should be careful when choosing your friends!

Shaving in a dream

Dreaming about shaving yourself in a dream symbolizes making amends. This can mean debts and loans that should be repaid. It is particularly important to pay out relatives or friends so that the relationship is not jeopardized because of the outstanding amount of money – true to the motto “Money ruins friendship”.

Dream symbol “shave” – ​​the general interpretation

In a man’s dream, the dream symbol “shaving” usually expresses everyday life and routine. In dream interpretation, however, a shave in a woman’s dream indicates an attempt to have a smooth and therefore invulnerable surface to accomplish.

Shaving therefore means arming yourself against possible attacks. In general, the tool you use for shaving, a knife or an apparatus, also embodies a certain willingness to take risks: you reveal your true face with the shaving tool and accept the reactions.

In dream interpretation, it is very important to remember who was shaved in the dream and by whom. If someone dreams that they are shaving themselves, the dream symbol warns them to pay off their debts or a possible profit reparation afford to.

In the dream interpretation, being shaved by others in a dream means having yourself soaped up: the dreamer has to beware of people who try to convince him of something and capitalize on it.

In this sense, the dream symbol “shaving” is not just one warning from the falsehood of others, but also from self-deception. If a woman dreams that she is watching men shaving, this indicates in the dream interpretation that she has to fear for her reputation.

If a woman lets herself be shaved in a dream, the dream symbol makes it clear that she may adopt male behavior in real life and thus scare others away.

Dream symbol “shave” – ​​the psychological interpretation

In dream interpretation, the dream symbol “shaving” represents analytical thinking. In addition, it embodies the dreamer’s desire to smooth and beautify something. Maybe he has the impression of being Image must be improved upon others. He may also be unhappy with his self-image and want to improve it by shaving.

Psychologically, the tool used to shave should not be viewed as a weapon. Accordingly, it is also more like caring act to understand when the dream shaves another person or vice versa. However, for male teenagers, a dream in which they are shaved is usually frightening. What is important for dream interpretation is who is the one who shaves the dreamer.

From a psychological perspective in dream interpretation, a beard is a symbol of masculinity that can cover up some weaknesses. If this is cut off in a dream, the dream symbol “shaving” indicates the dreamer’s fear of losing his masculinity, which he has previously repressed. This also often reflects the unconscious fear of failing in the sexual area.

Dream symbol “shave” – ​​the spiritual interpretation

In spiritual terms, the dream symbol “shaving” shows itself in the dream interpretation emotional competence of the dreamer. It symbolizes openness and honesty in dealing with other people.

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