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Most people probably know a shark. Even if you haven’t met such an impressive animal live in the zoo or in the ocean, you’ve probably seen it in pictures or videos before. The word “shark” comes from Dutch. “Haai” in turn comes from the Icelandic term “haki,” which means hook; This refers to the animal’s tail fin, which is reminiscent of a hook.

The shark is one of the predatory fish that can only be life-threatening to humans in exceptional cases. Basically, this vertebrate is calm and rather reserved when it discovers new things – such as divers or boats – in its terrain. An attack only happens when they are harassed or there is a “misunderstanding”: paddling on a surfboard underwater sounds like the splashing of fish, which is the main source of food for sharks.

 shark |  Dream symbol ► with video

However, countless stories and films have always depicted the image of the dangerous shark preying on people. The 1975 film “Jaws” by director Steven Spielberg certainly contributed to the fact that many people still have a false image of the predatory fish today. The mere appearance of a shark’s dorsal fin on the surface of the water often has an alarming and unsettling effect on people.

If a shark appears in a dream, then the dreamer may have a restless sleep and wake up disturbed. Perhaps the experience in the dream was positive and the dreamer was able to observe a peaceful shark up close. Diving with a shark, which is more like staying in a steel cage underwater, can also be experienced as a dream situation. In dream research, predators are generally given special importance. Therefore, a shark dream must be analyzed carefully so that the dream analysis can be as accurate as possible.

Dream symbol “shark” – the general interpretation

Even if the rather peace-loving, shy shark is not an animal that attacks or even hunts people without good reason, in dreams it still often symbolizes negative feelings such as fear, danger, terror and injury. This is the nature of our archaic feelings towards predators with fearsome teeth.

The shark is therefore often used in dream interpretation warning interpreted. There can be opponents, problems or illnesses that threaten the dream. Sometimes the shark is also meant to warn the dreamer that he is not allowed to hurt other people.

If the dream is attacked or pursued by a shark while sleeping, this dream image in the waking world indicates discouragement due to many setbacks. If a shark bites or the dreamer is even eaten, the dream interpretation sees this as a sign Injuries through fellow human beings.

If a woman sees one or more sharks swimming in clear water in a dream, her professional success will come through Them and threatened by resentment. Swimming with the shark also promises caution in your professional life. A dead shark is interpreted positively in dream interpretation: it represents things to come reconciliation and promises new profits. If you try to kill a shark with a harpoon in a dream, the dreamer may have bad times ahead.

If the dreamer has to walk across a plank in his sleep to be thrown to the sharks, he should concern himself with his state of mind. Because there seems to be a lot of unrest here.

Dream symbol “shark” – the psychological interpretation

Since the shark lives in the water, it is always associated with the emotional realm. In the psychological interpretation of dreams, a shark symbolizes emotional problems of the dreamer. Ask yourself if you have recently acted recklessly and actively hurt someone emotionally.

A shark dream can also provide an indication of male potency. This male creative power appears through the dream image “shark” with aggressiveness and ruthlessness and shows that the dreamer in waking life should better control these tendencies in social interaction with other people.

Sometimes the dreamed shark can also warn of human “sharks” in waking life. In this case there is a threat Danger by other people who do not behave fairly towards you. The exact meaning depends on the behavior of the shark and the feelings of the dreamer while sleeping:

If the dream swims in the sea surrounded by sharks, then this is interpreted as a symbol that he does not trust anyone around him. If he is chased by a shark, he may have put himself in a really dangerous situation that he should now leave quickly.

Dream symbol “shark” – the spiritual interpretation

In spiritual dream interpretation, the shark symbolizes the fear of death and the inability of the dreamer to face these fears on their own.

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