Shadow – dream interpretation

A shadow and darkness can make us feel uneasy both in our dreams and when we are awake. Especially when you see a shadowy figure in it, like a silhouette. We quickly ask ourselves who is hiding in the shadows. Is it an evil shadow? Or just our own shadow as our constant companion? What was initially a harmless, beautiful dream quickly turns into a real nightmare.

Shadow - dream interpretation

If the sun shines very strongly, the shadow appears to be something very positive. Because then it offers us protection and recovery from the heat. In a similar way, the shadow in the dream can also be perceived as positive or negative.

Therefore, all other accompanying circumstances are also important for the interpretation of the dream symbol. Therefore, to find the “right” design, include as many details as possible.

Many people see shadows and shadowy figures in their dreams. We would first like to introduce you to the most important dreams with the dream image of a shadow:

Dream symbol “shadow” – The most common dreams about the symbol

Haunted by a shadow, a nightmare!

Dreams in which you are chased and pursued by one or more shadowy figures are very frightening. Such a dream experience can indicate that you are trying to escape from a specific situation or a certain feeling while awake. It can also be your own bad conscience or an aspect of your own personality that the dreamer doesn’t want to face.

The Shadow Man – what does the dream figure want from me?

If you dream of a shadow man or a human-like dark figure, this can be a sign of an inner confrontation with aspects of your own personality. The way in which a dreamer reacts to the shadow man must be included in the dream analysis:

If the reaction consists of fear, reluctance and panic, you probably do not accept the said character trait in yourself when you are awake or are even afraid to acknowledge your own wishes or desires. If the dreamed reaction to the shadow man is rather positive, a conscious examination of this aspect of the personality has already begun.

An evil shadow in the dream world

Anyone who dreams of a shadowy figure and immediately knows that it is evil or has bad intentions is unconsciously confronted with their own nature or unpleasant character traits. We don’t like every quality we show to other people about ourselves. Envy, jealousy or greed are just some of the examples of such characteristics. Try to moderate these traits to make it easier to deal with the environment.

Black shadow on the bed, what a scary dream

A black shadow standing next to the bed and watching the dreamer – that is a dream scenario that probably initially scares most people. In this context, the color black can indicate various things: it can symbolize one’s own dark character traits that one suppresses when awake or, viewed positively, it can also symbolize ingenuity.

The black shadow that is watching the dreamer in his bed can represent problems in one’s own life from which one can no longer hide. Worries that even found the dreamer in his personal retreat, his bed.

Shadow Demon: Frightening visit to the dream world

Have you seen a shadow demon in your sleep? Then this dream could indicate that you are struggling with self-doubt and inner conflict in your everyday life. The dark demon can also represent suppressed fears or unresolved feelings of guilt.

If the shadow monster moves into you like the devil and you are then possessed by it, this may indicate that you feel disem powered and have a need to assume a greater position of power in your life.

Dream symbol “shadow” – the general interpretation

Within the general interpretation of dreams, the dream symbol “shadow” represents an important figure.

The shadow as a dream symbol primarily shows the unloved Character traits of the dreamer. This means that the shadows in the dream embody everything that the dreamer doesn’t like about himself. In the waking world, the dreamer represses or suppresses these characteristics because they do not fit into his self-image. In the dream, however, his consciousness is switched off and he receives these character traits as a projection into another person through his subconscious. That’s why the shadow person in the dream often behaves in opposite ways to the dreamer himself.

The dream of a shadow can also be seen as one Warning dream be understood. The dreamer should quickly clarify an unclear situation in waking life. The shadow of objects in a dream is an indication of the dreamer’s fears, which are caused by imaginary dangers.

If the dreamer goes into the cool shade in the dream when it is very hot or stays there, a depressing event awaits him in the waking world. According to general dream interpretation, sitting in the shade advises caution. Because another person is planning to cheat on the dreamer.

If the dreamer is in the shadows in his dream, although he would rather be in the light, he can soon look forward to the clarification of a dubious matter in his waking life. The sight of one’s own shadow or silhouette as a dream symbol generally means grief.

Seeing a shadow in front of you as an outline can also be understood as a symbol that you are already yours further development perceived in life. However, if the dream shadow falls behind the dreamer, he feels persecuted in the waking world by old feelings of guilt and fears.

Dream symbol “shadow” – the psychological interpretation

The psychological interpretation of dreams sees the dream symbol “shadow” as a very ambiguous dream image. Usually the shadow in the dream can be small self-esteem of the dreaming. But it can also illustrate unconscious processes. These should be brought to consciousness and processed as quickly as possible in waking life. These unconscious processes are mostly repressed ones Memories or feelings of guilt and fears.

From a psychological point of view, the sight of a shadow as a dream symbol often makes it clear that the dreamer is not coping with his life. He lacks courage and lets his fears control him too much.

Your own shadow in a dream symbolizes worries and problems. If the dreamer stands in the shadows in his dream, he should become aware that he is protected or strongly influenced by other people in the waking world. According to the psychological interpretation of dreams, a shadow play as a dream symbol is considered one Warning understood from the intrigues and deceitfulness of others.

Dream symbol “shadow” – the spiritual interpretation

On the spiritual level of dream interpretation, the dream symbol “shadow” indicates to the dreamer that he is in the waking world Licit into an unclear matter.

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