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Handling a needle and thread is a true art and requires skill and talent. Anyone who can sew or embroider is creative and has the ability to create beautiful things from ideas and ideas. Whether it’s clothing, bags, blankets or decorative items – with the help of a sewing machine there are hardly any limits to your imagination. We pick up a needle when we want to mend something because it’s too good to throw away or because the beloved piece has an intrinsic value to us.

In addition to a needle and thread, other things are often needed for sewing, such as buttons, zippers, a thimble or scissors. Yarn spools with different colored yarns are also used. The utensils can be stored safely and well sorted in a sewing box.

Sewing in a dream can have very different meanings for the dreamer. Below we have summarized the most important interpretation options for you.

Dream symbol “sewing” – the general interpretation

According to general opinion, anyone who sews or sews something together in a dream, such as sequins, wants durable and long-lasting items in real life reliable relationships. However, if the thread breaks while you are sewing, this indicates tensions in the interpersonal area.

Caution is advised if you watch other people sewing in the dream situation. Here the dream interpretation sees the danger of gossip and slander. So be a little more careful in the near future and don’t reveal too much about yourself. It is advisable to be more reserved, especially with people you are not yet very familiar with.

If you pick up a sewing needle yourself, it’s worth it in your waking life Endurance to prove it, because that will bring you wealth and reputation. Even existential worries will then be a thing of the past. Anyone who sews something from linen fabric in a dream can look forward to pleasure and wealth in the near future.

Young women who finish sewing a piece of clothing in a dream will soon become one Decision have to meet in love matters. Is it perhaps even about choosing between two men? Then it will soon become clear who her heart really beats for and who will even become a potential marriage candidate. If the dreaming person cannot finish the sewing work, this heralds a new love candidate for them.

For married dreamers, however, the prospects of this dream situation are not very pleasant, because it threatens Streit in the partnership.

Dream symbol “sewing” – the psychological interpretation

When we sew something, we can use it to create something completely new or to mend something old. If we are busy mending a torn piece of clothing or a piece of fabric in our dream world, this indicates, according to psychological dream interpreters, that we are also busy in waking life Mending are trying. This can be about a relationship that threatens to break down due to a conflict. However, you yourself try to keep together what previously connected you.

However, only time will tell whether this will succeed. Because the “breaking point” can tear again and again or grow together so firmly that the connection to each other will be stronger than before.

Sewing can also mean making your own mental injuries has recognized and is now ready to look at and heal what previously seemed too painful.

Dream symbol “sewing” – the spiritual interpretation

From a spiritual perspective of dream interpretation, the dream symbol “sewing” stands for cure and the pursuit of Wholeness.

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